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UPS shipping updates making me crazy

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Señor Senior Member
May 17, 2005
High Desert, Calif.
I should have taken some screenshots, the "evolving" shipping status of several recent purchase would be comedy, if it weren't for the fact that I'm so frick'n anxious to get my stuff! First it;s "out for delivery"(yay!), but then early evening rolls around and the update it's "Package arrived at a carrier facility"...WHAT? What happened to the "out for delivery" thing, or was that just somebody's idea of a [cruel] joke?

Not to worry, this has been going on all week, there's not many more of my brain cells left that they can destroy. The Amazon stuff is not all that important, but I got to have my EVGA orders ASAP!
:waiting: :popcorn: :shrug:
I feel your pain Tim. I've had "Dance with the UPS/Fedex devil" alot lately as well. I ordered a TV stand from walmart and it was shipped via Fedex from Florida. When I checked this am, it showed
"Out for delivery" I'm like "Cool" I wait....and wait....and guess again.....wait..

I recheck and it shows the dam package made a round trip back to the Fedex facility :mad:

05-05-2022 7:15 am At local FedEx facility MENANDS NY

On FedEx vehicle for delivery - 8:33 am MENANDS, NY

At local FedEx facility - 6:34 pm MENANDS, NY

At least USPS hasn't let me down...yet. Waiting on a new-ish video card which should arrive tomorrow...( I hope).
I ordered parts to repair a mower. Both shipped and arrived via UPS and FedEx respectively the days that they were logged in the repective sites. I'm in the boonies. The UPS driver was chatting with my puppers at the gate when I strolled over for one of the packages. Good dude. The FedEx was left to the right of the gate behind a large rock. Here's hoping that your drivers get the good ole boy attitude.

PS: gave the USPS carrier a salt & pepper shaker set for just being a nice person; and we've got a lot of them to get rid of (weird, but there's a story). She chats us up at the gate when we're out doing yard work. Greasing the cogs never hurts.
Lol, I've seen that 'about face' before from all carriers. So annoying.

...that said, par for the course, Sadly. This happens to me a couple of times per year. I may get more Shipped than the average bear too considering all the review samples on top of what goes on weekly in the house from my wife.
UPS notifications are still trying to make me crazy, went through all that yesterday, now again today:

Scheduled Delivery​
Wednesday 05/11/2022
1:00 PM - 5:00 PM​

...or maybe NOT. o_O
Welp, UPS got me today. My EVGA 1600W G+ power supply was supposed to be delivered yesterday. It didn't come yesterday and the date changed to today. Ok, no biggie, what's one more day. Aaaaaannnd, now it's not going to be here til Monday.

Mind you it was at the distribution center this morning. Meh.