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Upset, plz help...

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Apr 5, 2001
Wichita Falls, Texas
I am looking to purchase a cooling system for my cpu...I have looked at swiftech's mc462, and they are out of stock for four full weeks!! I also looked at their watercooling, and they are out of stock for 2 weeks!! I need a decent fan that you can overclock with, or a halfway inexpensive cooling solution...I am willing to spendlots on liquid if I can get it rather soon...oh yea, heres my setup...t-bird 1.33GHz 266fsb, iwill ka266-r mobo, with nuff room in case for a radiator setup, and I have 4 case fans, 80mm each. 2 pulling 2 pushing, not including the ps fan....v5 5500 agp card...(i know 3dfx is dead) any suggestions on cooling the northbridge and southbridge chipsets?? I wanna be able to really oc this puppy...but I wanna use it as soon as possible......plz post links with your suggestions if at all possible, thank you for your concern......much appreciation!
In the water cooling category I really don't know what to tell you. However if you were to use a fan cooler, I would recommend the PAL 6035 with a delta fan (unless noise is a factor). Nake sure your case has lots of fans drawing and extracting air. As for the chipsets, you may want to consider a blue orb. Many people have claimed good results with these.