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URGENT: artifacts everywhere..strange lockups.

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May 21, 2003
Computer specs:
9500 non pro
soundblaster live
1gig ram (crucial)
xp2100+ tbred
Soltek drv5 m/b
Western Digital 80gb hd and 20gb
Win xp

Recently I've begun experiencing major difficulties with my computer. It began with frequent lockups, error messages, blue screens, and no sound would come out, occasionally had strange loud noises coming out of speakers. I did a format and complete reinstall of windows and drivers. The computer seemed fine afterwards, no trouble with anything. I loaded my game (EVE Online) and started it up. I noticed in the game I had textures flashing and polygons where polygons were not supposed to be. They started out on a small scale, but gradually became worse. I uninstalled my video card drivers many times, each time installing a lower cat, till I stopped and gave up at the cat's 3.8.

This was only a few days ago, now today, I can't keep the computer on for a full minute before I get artifacts over the entire screen, making everything unreadable. If I reboot, the artifacts are there in post. If I allow the computer to sit for a few min, the artifacts are not there but will return within that min after turning the computer on.

My thoughts: Video card is having cooling issues. At the moment I have a Zalman heatpipe on which has worked fine for months now.

Could it be something else? Any ideas? Could it be other parts of the computer? Do I really need to start shelling out more money for more computer parts? Please help as I'm using my roommates laptop for internet connection and it is not always available to me.


Senior Member
Oct 30, 2003
did you check the thermal paste, I think you have to reapply it every couple of months.