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[URGENT] intel network drivers

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Jun 14, 2004
moving to ohio once 2012 gets closer
i just downloaaded intel network drivers from windows update and now i have this stupid thing in my icon tray. it shows 2comps with a x on the right hand side..... i dont use ethernet so theres really no point in me having this lag my system. how do i get rid of it. also i dont want it to interfere with my REAL internet connection *usb*

and another thing. when i reinstalled windows i NEVER had the drivers for the ethernet so i never had to worry about it. so when i make my new computer im gonna have to connect to usb so i can connect to windows site to download the drivers for my ethernet.......

im wondering should i look at the disk called drivers that came with my comp. its still in the package i never even used it.


Glorious Leader
Nov 12, 2002
Rootstown, OH
How is an icon in your system try urgent? :rolleyes:

Disable the ethernet connection, and I believe the icon in your system tray should dissappear. If not, take two cookies and call me in the morning. ;)

What is this about connecting to USB? Do you have a USB modem?

I never look at the discs that come with hardware... I download the newest drivers and install them fresh, instead of worrying about dated drivers that came on a disc. :)


Sep 16, 2001
I think you can go to control panel | network and dial up connections and you will see both connections. Just rclick on the redx connection and delete. Your problem may be that you have USB connection software installed with your modem from your ISP and dont really need the onboard lan enabled. If that is the case just go into your bios and disable onboard lan and then remove those drivers, or leavce them in if you dont want update shoveing them at you.