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usb 3.0 "this device can perform faster" can't solve

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Jul 12, 2002
Ever since I got my new monitor I've been having this issue...

BenQ BL3200PT

Particularly with the SD card, usb 3.0 hub which is connected via a usb 3.0 cable to my PC.

1) I've tried reinstalling usb 3.0 intel drivers.
2) Tried plugging the monitor hub into different usb ports

I also don't have anything else plugged into my usb ports except for my webcam. My keyboard/mouse, xbox controller have their own usb 2.0 ports that they are plugged into

If I unplug the monitor hub cable and plug it into a different port, it will work for a day or so, meaning ChipGenius will will show me that it's connected to a usb 3.0 hub and then later the same error will get triggered.

Any suggestions?


WTH is chipgenius? Are you sure it is correct?

Typically windows will tell you that... has windows done so? Have you tried to confirm its accuracy with a large file transfer and see what speeds you get?
Unless you're using this hub to transfer files to a USB 3.0 flash drive which can actually perform at a level past USB 2.0, I wouldn't worry about it.
I'm simply worried or rather annoyed about the windows "this device can perform faster" error. The chip genius I used to simply narrow down to see which peripheral was giving me the signal.

I've tried disabling the notification where windows tells me if a device can perform faster etc...nothing works.

It's also the monitor USB/SD card reader hub that triggers it and nothing else.

I guess I could just ignore it but what happens is it works ok for a day or so, and then the error will just pop up from windows. :(
I only tried it with one of my SD cards to make sure it works when the new monitor came. No I did not try a different USB cable, figured since this was new it was fine.
I don't have a different cable to try for now either :(
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