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USB flash drive, SDHC, readyboost, and storage for transporting files

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Apr 30, 2004
The last time I bought something like this it was a 2GB SD card from best buy as a door buster deal for the day after thanksgiving sale. So quality and speed was not on my mind for something that cost me pocket change more or less. This was I think maybe a couple years ago so I don't think capacities were more than maybe 8GB. Anyways I've come to a point where I'm concidering more than what the 2GB SD card will do for me. First and foremost for programming I will be storing and running eclipse and perhaps other data for other things. I am also concidering using it for readyboost. Which readyboost alone should have more space for use than the 2GB SD card I have. This leads me to looking for the best yet affordable or should I say reasonably priced USB drive or SD card, should I go USB or card, and is there anything else I should concider or know to make a well informed purchase decision. It would be prefered to make this purchase within the week so that I will have it for use with next weeks class though I can always use the 2GB SD card for now and transfer the files after purchase.

Thanks for any info and help.


Sep 4, 2006
USB 3.0 flash drives. These will double the speed of USB 2.0 drives, but you'll have to wait a few months (my guess).

Minus the wait, the the Corssair Voyager drives are good. These are one of the few drives on the market that can saturate USB 2.0 at around 30MBps read and write.

A note on cards: if you use a card, you also need a card reader at places you want access to your card, which might not come in handy at the critical moment.

Size-wise, 16GB seems like a good deal these days.