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USB problems with 8K5A2+.

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Oct 23, 2002
I'm having problems with my USB mouse now. I think it started when I installed some sound drivers for my new sound card, but now when my computer starts up my optical mouse light goes off and stops responding. So I have to unplug it and plug it back into the usb port in order for it to work again.

And after installing highpoint RAID drivers, at bootup when windows loads my screen goes blank for about a minute and a half then will finally proceed to the welcome screen in win xp. Whats wrong?

One more question, can I have my hard drive (I only have 1) on one of the extra 2 IDE ports or does it have to be on the PRIMARY channel?
with my old msi board, usb problems meant my southbridge was dying on me...it ended up that the board stopped working altogether...you might call epox and have em help you out
hmm, dunno, I hope thats my last resort. This is a brand new mobo.
If you are on the latest bios you should disable USB keyb and mouse support in bios. Have solved the long or even no detection for many it seems. I have had same delay before if cable was a bit lose btw.

Did you install VIA USB filter 1.10? http://www.viaarena.com/?PageID=71#usb Might fix something. Could be some kind of conflict, it worked after you moved it. Might be the price for cheap onboard sound. I would guess conflict with onboard audio is possible on USB3 - page 4-23 in manual. If thats so it doenst mean other devices wont work, just not that mouse. Set up computer according to that table, minimizes sharing probs.

Latest can be crap but check for newer Mouse drivers anyway.

No problem having hd on HPT controller - not if its dectected at bootup ;) I have tried both, actually VIA IDE seems a bit faster - cant see any advantages if not on Raid.
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But if I disabled USB Keyboard and Mouse in the bios wouldn't that mean it would not work at all?
Dont think so. Its meant for DOS support, neat if you have a USB keyboard. Only one way to find out but a trick to get 2.34 to better recognize Raid, may be also single IDE disks. Some have had same problems tho I think computer got stuck at Highpoint screen, before XP took over. Will most likely be fixed with newer bios if confirmed by Epox or is it Highpoint? May be you dont have that problem but another conflict, like with the USB or other XP/driver mess. HPT-drivers in XP should be same as bios version. Whatever XP and manual say about IRQs and sharing its best to be aware of that table. Disable all you dont use, serial ports, printer, gameport etc. - good policy...
Well, I found out its my new sound card drivers that are causing the problems.... Now if only I could fix it.
well, if you cant start your computer, then format the hard drive..and start over..if you can start em..uninstall them, and find anything in the registry that can show any sort of scripts for the drivers, and delete those...BE AWARE, DELETING LINES FROM THE REGISTRY CAN DAMAGE YOUR COMPUTER, ONLY DO SO IF YOU KNOW WHAT YOU ARE DOING...and find some older drivers for the card..and install those
Well disable onboard audio, uninstall Realtek drivers, put new card in the least sharing pci slot and go hunt for best drivers. Most updates regulary, can make a change. Look out for tips/tweaks also, problems can be solved. Best to believe that until proven wrong or you get depressed ;)