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USB problems

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Puer Aeternus

Sep 23, 2001
In your head (Ottawa.Canada)
Hi all, I am looking for a software fix for a Win 11 Pro USB issue

Recently I had some liquid damage to my PC (ive been told to say it was beer as tea is not as cool)
The only hardware failure was a stick of ram and I was told everything else worked fine (replaced the ram)

Upon return, I found nearly every USB peripheral has issues, mainly KB/M that would work occasionally:
  • Logitech G600
  • Logitech G910
  • Generic wired KB
  • Wireless Mouse & KB
  • Yeti mic
  • Logitech camera
This is complicated to explain, essentially, no matter what combination M/KB I try, it usually fails.

  • Upon reboot, a mouse may work and not the KB. Or a M would work and not the KB. Sometimes, if the stars aligned, both would work. Swapping to diff usb ports would often deactivate another device or both that I was trying to use. If I get both M/KB to work and try the yeti....M/KB stop working
What I have done:
  • Clean install of Windows: I can now get, somewhat reliably, the Wireless mouse to work on USB2 via front panel and a generic wired KB to work on USB 3
  • installed G hub for the logitech peripherals (did not work...wont recognize the keyboard, occasionally sees the mouth. Recognizes the Mic and cam.)
  • Updated drivers via device manager
  • disabled USB suspend
  • Ran device diagnostic
Before I change the MOBO, im wondering if there is a software fix I can try?

Also....I looked at a PCIE USB but there is no room in my case. The next PCIE slot is right under my video card and will block a fan....if it clears the fan.

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Is it possible some liquid got into one of the front panel USB 2.0 motherboard male plugs and is randomly grounding your USB circuits? A little spritz of WD-40 into those two areas could assure nothing is shorting or grounding due to liquid.

I'll be interested to read if that helped any.

Did the sherry (my English grandmother's "tea") get into the VRM heatsink / I/O assembly too?
Lets just say, the full cup of tea was emptied onto the PC.....where there is a generous open grill for air flow.

As far as WD40 goes....I need to get some first. I know, ill just give up my man I.D card and forget the secret handshake. I've disappointed you all.
I got tired of trying to fix the USB problem and bought a new mobo (Asus 590-Plus).
Installed it just now, activated windows and NO usb issues!!!!! There musta been some damage to the USB hubs in the old MOBO. Mouse/KB and ALL my peripherals work as they should!
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