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use that old heatsink! Your MB will thank you.

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Mar 15, 2001
Mt. Brudges, Ontario, CA
What do ya think of this idea? when i get my sk6 i'm guna turn my old Cidcom (rated up to 1.5GHz) into at Northbridge cooler :) a little acsesive maybe but it will definatly ensure a stable bus 8) just think of the temp i will get! with the little greeny on there i get 24C. i suspect that i might get to 22C with the Cidcom.
I have been preaching this all year. I picked up a new CoolerMaster this week for the Northbidge. The 30 watt pelt should be here tomorrow. At 12 volts the pelt will pump 22 watts, perfect for the Coolermaster and the Northbridge.
I too have been telling people about CPU coolers for there northbridges I have had great succes with mine and you can find them for the same price as a borb and i know the CPU HSF will cool much better

all i can say to you is good advise :)
cheaper then a blorb (i got a globalwin on my videocard)..also ask comp store if they have old heatsinks lying around..the one i go has a lot lying around