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use thermal pad or as2 for mom?

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Oct 9, 2001
i'm going to build my mom a 950MHz duron with a Speeze 5F263B1M3 hsf that your reviews said it is ok for mom. it has a thermal pad on it, im wondering if i should leave the pad on or put on as2? i will not be taking to hsf off ever. the comp will not be o/c. but i may get it folding b/c it stays on 24/7 now.
will as2 ever lose it thermal moving ability? after many years will the temps keep rising?
It probably will be fine with the pad. Do AS if you want to be totally safe. You could try it with the pad and if problems happen take it off and use AS instead. AS is always better, might not matter for her though.

Also, might be more useful if her case will have bad ventilation (if its got decent venting it probably wont have any problems).
I would say, get a decent case and just use the thermal pad. But on the first boot up warm up the cpu to around 50c or so and then shut down the system. Wait for 30 min or so for the thermal pad to completly thin and fill what needs to be. That way you get the best performance out of the thermal pad. The pads arnt aweful for stock running systems with a halfway decent heatsink. Much less upkeep that with the paste also.
thermal pads have no maintenaince and are perfect for moms. they also work well. your temps should be just fine esp not overclocked
If the system isn't going to be overclocked, I'd go with the thermal pad. Unless you don't mind re-applying the AS2 every few months. AS2 has a tendency to "migrate" over time, and this is why you need to re-apply it every few months.
if it's not too late, skip the spreeze, they suck hardcore. get a half-decent HSF. Oh, and about the Artic Silver "migrating" i've never had any problems with it, even without reapplying. in theory, as migrates, but in reality, it isn't that big of an issue.
what kind of hsf were you thinking about?
i have a swiftech mcx-370-a the hsf cools quite nice 70*F ambient and the cpu is about 40*C when folding, but the fan is alittle loud to be in the kitchen running 24/7.
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I have had ASII on my rig for more than 8months now & have not noticed any loss of performance but if Nevin says to reapply it every 6 months or so then that should be the rule.
think of all the sh*t your mom has done for you!!!! a little AS will go a long way in her heart.


(heh im a corn ball i know)
yes but as long as she gets the dsl line at full speed, not waiting 10 secs for a certain page to load, allowing her to switch between ie and outlook express, and a mouse cursor that doesnt skip acroos the screen, then she will be happy:D
so what kind of hsf should i get?
the fan has to be kind of quiet, around upper 30 to lower 40 dba, but quieter than the papst 33 i got now.
after 6 months of as2 my pc one day just didn't boot at all just cpu failure error...I hadn't touched it or anything..I rip off my heatsink and find that the as2 had hardened quite a bit, rip off the as2 put new on reput heatsink and pc fires up perfectly....