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Useful Programs For Everyone

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Sep 11, 2002
I was bored one night and wanted to figure out what programs were loading on startup and what programs were running on my computer. So, I did a quick search clicked on a few links, went from site to forum to site to forum to site and finally came across something very useful. This site gave me an explanation for almost every Program running in my Windows Task Manager. After looking through this library, I was able to isolate a few things, and now I have less programs loading on start up and windows seems to run and load faster now!

I hope that this hasnt been posted yet somewhere because I only looked around a bit. I hope people can take advantage of these links and in the process learn more about computers!

Below I have compiled a list ( which is allways in the making ) of links to websites with useful information for everyone who uses a computer. Eventualy I will start to sort these links out and catagorize them so to make it easier for people to find the link that they need. Please feel free to post any other Links which you might find useful, or that you believe should be included in my list. And Thanks again to everyone who has contributed so far!


(List is Best Viewed in 1280 x 1024 resolution or better)

• - Site currently Online
• - Site currently Offline

Link Index

AnalogX - A few programs worth looking at. I haven't installed them all, but the ones I have run well.
Antivirus Programs - Here you will find a comprehensive list of A/V Software.
Bart's Boot disks - In need of a boot disk? This is where you will want to look.
BIOS Files - AOA - A few BIOS for people and their hardware.
Black Viper - Contains detailed information on Windows 2000 and XP. It also has guides, tips and explanations for many different Windows aspects.
Computing Tips - A few tips which can improve your computing.
DiamondCS - A few more patching and security programs for the uber paranoid! =)
DistroWatch - Linux distros anyone??
DLL Files - A Library of DLL Files. (discovered by Pyro)
Driver Collection - Another Collection of Drivers for all of you who need to find something specific.
Driver Guide - Drivers - A HUGE list of drivers, but you need to sign up and login first. Joining is FREE.
Driver Guide - Programs - A List of Alternative Free programs, and a few useful programs.
Driver Library - Here you can find a library of Drivers, all arranged in alphabetical order.
Drivers - AOA - More drivers for Everyone!
Eraser - A file eraser program. Reviewed by Call for Help.
Filezilla - A great FTP program. “Wicked and fast.” Supports more than one transfer at a time, so it greatly reduces upload/download speeds.
Free Office Software - Free Office Software at its best!
Free Trial Software - A site which offers downloads of free trial programs. A good place to try out products before you buy.
FreewareBB - A website linking to free, useful, spyware-free downloads!

GAIM - “...a multi-protocol instant messaging (IM) client for Linux, BSD, MacOS X, and Windows.”
General/Other Files - AOA - Including Application Assorted, CD-Rom/HD, Games, Linux Files and a few more.
GIMP - Great free photo editing software made easy!
IRFanView - A nifty, FREE, little picture viewer with support for many different extensions!
ISO Buster - An awesome program to recover data from damaged CD's and DVD's!!
ISP Library - This site contains a Library of ISP's ( Internet Service Providers ) and information on each.
Javacool - More security programs!
Knoppix - A bootable CD with a collection of GNU/Linux software.
Latest Virus Threats - A Link to a List of the Latest Virus Threats
List of Lists! - A whole page, neatly organized, updated frequently, with a whole array of programs to choose from!
MaceCraft Software - Home of JV16 Power Tools and Registry Cleaners!
ManageDesk - A great program which is loaded with features to help you manage your Desktop. Also has a process & DLL viewer.
MBM5 - Motherboard Monitor. This programs gives you readouts on fan speeds, temperature and a few other things.
An archive of this site can be found HERE and HERE
MDGX - Here is a good site for tips, tweaks, and tricks, for many different Operating Systems.
MSCONFIG - Offers Msconfig for Windows 95 & 2000.
Multiple Monitor Management - A great program for managing multiple monitors. Oni swears by it.

Notepad++ - A great colour coded, file editting program.
O/C Bible - MrSeanKon's thread on the O/C Bible.
OldVersion - Great site for lots of old versions of programs, or hard-to-find programs (Such as Kazaa Lite or CloneCD).
Open Office - A great alternative to expencive Office programs. Plus it is Free and open source.
Paint.Net - A Free alternative to photoshop! (includes many of the functions which can be found in photoshop.)
PC Pitstop - A site with web-based online virus scanning, benchmarking, and spyware utilities. Also has articles to help with the forementioned.
PluginDoc - The Most comprehensive list and information of plugins for Windows/Linux/MacOS and other programs that i have ever seen!
Proxomitron - “...a free, highly flexible, user-configurable, small but very powerful, local HTTP web-filtering proxy.”
Registry Tips/Tricks/Hacks - For People looking to optimiaze a few registry settings.
RegScrubXP - A great Registry cleaning tool. Also includes a section of tips, tweaks and links!!! (found in the misc section)
Shields-Up - If you are ever worried if you are voulnerable to hacker attacks, GO TO THIS SITE! Great programs to help you out!
SnapFiles - A site with much needed Freeware for any user!
Something to cheer you up! - A Few Jokes to brighten up your day.
SpywareInfo and More! - Power Tools for the Uber Paranoid and for everyone else =) including anti-spyware/virii/start-up programs and managers.
SpywareGuide - A comprehensive list and removal instructions of Spyware/Adware/Dialers/Malware and more.

Task Manager Library - Here is a Library of Task Manager Programs.
Tenable NeWT - A Great Program which scans for vulnerabilities in your system.
The Firmware Page - A good place to get that new firmware.
Total Copy (Screensavers) - A program listed at the screensavers website which is said to "lets you copy files faster and with more options"
TweakXP - A great site which offers many optimization tools for Windows and Windows XP users.
Ultimate Boot CD - Hard drive utilities,memtest,disk cloning and much more on one CD.
UNAT - Another Computer security/protection site with downloads.
Unattended XP install - Guides you through how to make a custom unattended XP install CD.
Useful Programs - A-Z - A List and Links, in alphabetical order, of very useful programs.
Useful Programs - Catagorized - Same as above except the programs are catagorized.
Utilities - AOA - Benchmarking, Tweaking, Information and other Utility programs.
Virus Definition Library - Links to the Definition pages of Anti Virus Sites.
What's Running - A neat little tool which graphically lists what is running on your computer.
Windows Tips/Tricks/Hacks - Information to help you with your Windows 98, 2000 and XP machines.
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Dec 22, 2003
I saw something very similar to this on Tech Tv a month ago. Some guy had whittled his list of programs down to 2 or 3. He also explained all the things bundled with XP you can uninstall to increase system performance and reduce clutter. I'll try to find a link. Good info though.


Dec 22, 2003
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Sep 11, 2002
Nice Finds lostshoe

I hope you dont mind if i add those linkes to the top. I think that one of these sites would come in handy for atleast one person eventually.


Are you my Daddy?
May 28, 2002
Sector 7G
Pc Cleaner
AVG Anti-Virus
Together with Ad-aware, Spybot-S&D, and ZoneAlarm, you have the exact (if not better) power and security features you would find in Norton SystemWorks or McAfee's RedZone Suite (both $60, plus cost of upadates)

OpenOffice combines all the practical applications and features of Microsoft Office or Lotus Notes.

A definite consideration also must be WinRAR. It is more flexible, easier to use, and compresses better than WinZIP.

Oh, and if you're lookin for an excellent FTP. look no further than WS_FTP LE. It's definitely the best (free) FTP client I've gotten my mitts on.

Total Cost for System & Security Utilites, as well as a Full Office Suite: $30



Dec 22, 2003
Not to knock your choices penguin, but people always recommend different firewalls to me besides zone alarm. I mean, thats what I use now, but it gets in the way sometimes, and has some annoying tendancies.

Someone told me to get Kerio Personal Firewall because it is "better" but I have yet to check it out.

Haha, I'm glad I actually found some useful information for you guys for once though...I guess its all I can do considering all the newb questions I've asked.


Inactive Super Quad Mod
Oct 25, 2001
Smells like a sticky! Great thread, thanks to all for contributing so far.



Dec 22, 2003
Oh man, if I can in some way contribute to a sticky, my life as I know it will be complete.

Edit: Wow, it is a sticky already. haha

Another good program I use that performs a multitude of tasks is System Mechanic 4 by Iolo Technologies . It cleans the registry, finds junk files, etc. It is rather expensive however, but I would say the free trial is worth it, just for cleaning the registry and finding junk files. There are ways around the 30-day trial, but I'm pretty sure we can't discuss that here (arrr matey).

This month's issue of PC World is "Trouble Free PC:Unbeatable tools to help you protect data, remove junk, stop crashes"
Its worth checking out, it offers plenty of information. Their website probably has most of the info too.
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New Member
Jan 3, 2004
If you have many programs opened at a time,
use ManageDesk - www.managedesk.com
For today it while the best.
And I have seen a lot of a similar software.
Even there, where wrote and shouted that our program rulez
and that Linux has a rest, actually it appeared such sh...
And this program is very cool.


Dec 22, 2003
elec.tron said:
Here's one for everybody, List of Lists. Easily one of the most comprehensive lists of computer related links i've seen, neatly organized by subject matter, or topic, updated frequently too! :D

I like that list, its pretty comprehensive...it would be much better if it had a rating system though. Its hard to seperate the crap from the gold...and the only way to solve that problem would be to research or ask, which then you wouldnt need the site in the first place...


Senior Member
Jan 10, 2001
Go here for the ultimate boot CD.Hard drive utilities,memtest,disk cloning and much more on one CD.

Gohere so you can reuse those floppy's.

Belarc Advisor is a great little program that displays your computer info as a web page,complete with serial #'s in case you have a Friend that bought a computer without a windows disk.It also shows the windows updates installed as well as ones that need reinstall just by clicking on it

Eraser 5.7 is a really good eraser/shredder and does several passes so you can be sure info is truly gone.It adds Erase to the right click menu so It's always handy,with options on the number of passes

MSCONFIG for all the windows 2000 users.

The Firmware Page is a good place to get that new firmware.It also has a utility there that identifies all your current firmware so there is no doubt you are looking for the right ones.

IE Spellchecker is great if you don't have office.It installs itself in Internet Explorer for ease of use.

Just a few from my favorites.
Edited to add a couple more.

Came back to add one that isn't here. Startup CPL This is a great non intrusive proggy, installs in the control panel and lets you decide what loads at startup. Very easy and very small, it is a must have for everyone.
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Nov 16, 2003
Cleveland OHIO
haha i did this for my advanced topics class. Its moreso great sites in general the software, but here it goes.

Keep in mind, im a senior in high school and most people in my "advanced computer topics" class dont know what half of this stuff is.

KazzA LITE (K++)

Synergy: Multiple computers, one keyboard/mouse. For windows/linux/BeOS

TOTALLY customize Xp's theme, bootscreen, desktop and more FOR FREE. tutorial by ME
Replacement for Windowsblinds and StyleXP. MANY LINKS INSIDE!

WinMac - Mac-like bar for windows

SpyBot Search And Destroy Spyware remover

Ad-aware spyware remover (use with spybot)

Bazooka Spyware remover- For stuff Spybot and adaware cant remove

Free Zone Alarm (not warez, demo)

Motherboard Monitor 5- Monitors Vcore, Fan speed, Temps, 12v+/- 5v+/- & MORE

One of the best regcleaners out there

KNOPPIX download - Wanna try linux? Demo CD, Fully GUI OS, doesnt install ANYTHING!

Free Anti-virus


Tabliture editor, with MIDI. mainly for guitarists/basists.

Files for guitar pro

Every Version of QBasic

Where i found the GIF loader, MIDI player, and other cool QB stuff

GAIM- kinda like trillian, taken from linux and coded to Windows. WAY better than DEADAIM.

1001 Free Fonts

1001 Fonts - Found by a good freind of mine

BEST boot disk ever!

Great online translator

For those of us who can wire our TI Calc’s to the computer:

Micro$oft Developer Network: TONS of codes for most os M$’s languages

Home of linux:

Turn Xbox/PS2 into a Linux PC (alls you need is a hard drive for your console)

ALL drivers you could possibly want:
Login= Driver
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Sep 11, 2002
Hey MadSkillzMan

There are some nice sites there.
Over the weekend i will look them over, and Add them to my sticky =)

EDIT: sorry.. i still havent had time to update the list.. ive been busy with lots of school work. I will update it one of these days though.
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