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Useful Software

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Oct 29, 2005
I browse the xda developers forum and every now and then software comes up that is pretty nice. The news about new phones or samsung and googles latest is mostly non informative but xda developers like to get the most from their devices when it comes to the software they write.

MicroToggles v1.0 Alpha open source (on playstore) is one. Just what it says. A customizable widget to toggle your settings. It works great, is very powerful, and has full gui customizations. Root not required but is highly recommended.

Then there's PhoneProfilesPlus v 4.1.9 and the Extender addon. Funny thing is with PhoneProfiles is you almost don't need the Microtoggles ap. PPP is a widget that pulls up customizable profiles you create for various location, or use case scenarios, toggling them from the widget. I've had a smartphone for at least 10 yrs now and with this ap I can't believe I never used profiles before. Fully customizable, colors, icons as well, just like microtoggles. The Extender addon (off github direct download through the ap) is for running or stopping processes within a profile.

Volume Styles https://forum.xda-developers.com/android/apps-games/app-volume-styles-customize-volume-t4077077
Also on google play. Lets you customize the volume control overlay with multiple styles from different vendors. Plus you can sort the items and have the overlay appear horizontal or vertical, top, bottom, or either side. Free but has pay options.
It actually works better on my oneplus than the built-in controls, and being larger and more colorful just works better too.

Last one I actually never use but it's pretty sweet is Google Recorder (ported to ALL other devices). Recorder v1.0.271580629. It converts your voice to text without using the internet. Technically you can save and then share it to another ap but it is not as simple as just using webgoogle at all. I do rag on google as a company but software is software (android itself is another story). My phone blocks google servers using a baked in hostsfile I can toggle btw. I can still watch youtube and grab drive files but playstore is blocked.

None of these require internet access and they're all 100% free.
I'd say fdroid has some cool stuff too but if you don't already know you should take a peek.

I should add wX from fdroid (playstore too) for weather. Awesome ap for weather on your phone. Problem is it literally stopped working for me altogether on all my devices as it now refuses to download any radar data. Everything else works just not what made it cool, the full-screen animated radar images. I honestly think that once google got wind they somehow borked it just enough to where if you aren't signed in to a google acct you don't get access to the radar images.
Weather Radar off fdroid gets me those same animated images just not so detailed or big. And I use Weather Notification and the skin, Weather Notification Skin: bigger text (fdroid), for a simple notification area icon display (the skin shows the current temp). Works awesome just by giving it a zip, or you can let it use your always on gps if you like too.

The other awesome thing is ProtonVPN is now on Fdroid! I just renewed yesterday. 2yrs at $157.96 = ~22¢/day (8 devices)
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