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using a 120 fan with the PS

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Dec 18, 2000
Simple question: If I want to use a 120v fan in my case, plugging it to the same volt line of that 120v behind the case (that same place you can plug the monitor on the power suply), will it automatically turn on and off whith th PS?

I know, it´s easy, just test with your monitor there.... but I don´t have that cable... and have nothing with that 3 pins to plug.... Hmmmmm someone can confirm that for me?

The fan is 220/120v fan.... with 2 120v wires and 2 220v wires (positive and negative...), If I plug the 220v in a 120v line... how much will the rotation/flow be decreased? It´s just becouse it´s too much powerfull and noisy to be used at full speed.... If I´m not mistunderstood, that would make it 4 times slower isn´t?

no it wont

the power back there is deticated
straght to the wall

u would have to find the electronic switch, see if it was b4 or after the transformer, then atach there

i doubt it will work
Not only will you have a hard time getting it to turn on with the comp, you will also burn up a 220 volt fan running it on only 120 volts. It is actually harder on an electric motor to run it on too little electricity than it is to run it on too much. But if you do decide that you are dead set on running a 120 volt fan to cool your comp then you will need a low voltage relay switch to trigger the fan to come on when you turn on your comp. I dont have any drawings or schematics to show you how to do this, but I know that is what you will have to do. I would think that the better thing to do is what I did............. just get yourself a 120mm fan and mount it to the side cover of your case. It is quieter than a 120 volt noise machine fan, and will cool your case and components quite well.
I do have a relay here, activated by the 12v line and good to 220/110 up to 15 amp... Just would give some work.... I actually already have a 120mm fan in the sidepannel (and more 3x80...), the only reason to do that is becouse they are much more taller and have mroe flow.... I only use silent fans, and running it at 110 on the 220 wire would be just a way of mking it silent.... An alternative to import a 30$ thermo variofan from Papst (No one beats theyr flow with the same DB...), coiuse it would cost $30 + $30 (Taxes) + $5-10 shipping and than you multiplicate all this by almost 4 times (dolar x reals...).... It´s the price of a good motherboard here!.... I tested the ps out with a 220 led that was laying arround and saw that it is a separeted direct line from the wall.....
The case is already good vetilated (after stabilizing the temp with burn p6, when I open the case the cpu get´s 5c higher than closed, becouse the air flow) But you know.... we are always searching an improove on the case cooling and noise ratio... :)
Thnks guys

Conclusion: Let it as it is.