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Using a peltier with air cooling?

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May 27, 2001
San Diego, CA
I have just got a swiftech 462-A with the orginal delta fan for my amd thunderbird 1.4@ 1.57. I also have a enermax 430 watt whisper dual fan power supply. I know that its best to use peltiers with water cooling but is it safe to use it with my swiftech which is the most powerful fan out there? If so is my power supply suffiecnt enough? What is a good powerful peltier that i could use ( please give a link). Any info would help.
if you want to cool your TB 1.57 Ghz with a peltier, youll probably need 2 stacked 172 watt peltiers and there is no way you'll be able to dissipate that heat with your swiftech...even watercooling has trouble getting the heat out, so I would not try.

even 1 172 watt peltier would be too much heat to dissipate. i think you should forget the peltier business until you get a watercooling system, if you decide to do so.
I agree. I'v read that after you hit a 72w peltier there's no way any hsf can get rid of the heat. You risk burning up your cpu. You have to remember that the cpu is going to be adding heat to the peltier as well and your hsf has to be able to get rid of the peltier heat plus that of the cpu in order for it to cool below ambient temps. For any AMD T-bird system it's just impossible to do with fans. You have to go with large 172w peltiers and a very efferent watercooling setup to be successful.
I tried that with a 156W peltier and MC-462A with the Delta fan. Running my 1G/266 AXIA Tbird at 10x150 @ 1.95V. At idle, with halt-on-idle enabled, the CPU ran around -5C and running Prime95 Torture, it rose to 30C. That's only 7C better than without the peltier. I ran the pelt off of a 13.8V 50A power supply. The air coming out of the 462 base was almost 60C. It was working it's buns off trying to cool that peltier. This succeeded in bathing all the components arounf the CPU with nice hot air. Bad Medicine!