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Using a service for removing yourself from data collection sites.

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May 17, 2005
High Desert, Calif.
Have you used a service to remove references to your personal information for "people search" sites,and others such as whitepages, spokeo, Intelius ,?

There are so many out there with your data, that doing a manual opt-out is such a challenge, the average human would be overwelmed with such an undertaking.

I've come across DeleteMe, has anyone here used them, or can recommend another personal data removal service?
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No I haven't. Trying to remove information from the Internet is harder to do every day. Even information you share privately could be made public if the company has a security breach. Some things are just public record (like voter registration). You could probably delist yourself from those sites manually without much of a hassle, they do list the sites after all: https://www.abine.com/deleteme/iframe.html

However, the best solution is to not put information out there to begin with. Haven't had a FB since 2010.
The information that has been splattered all over the net by these search sites came from the local county property tax database. My desire would be to suppress the connection between my name and my physical address.

I don't post on FB or any of the "share everything" social media, never been comfortable with that idea, at all.
I have a FB account, but rarely, if any time, I use it. I check it to see new pics pics of my grandkids tho. I have not posted any pics of myself nor do I have pics of myself on it and do not do any type of search for people on it.
I have a FB account for keeping up with some family, and privacy settings are maxed out. The account isn't under my real name and has no phone number associated with it, and the email is a throwaway.