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Using AIO for Custom Loop?

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Apr 1, 2013
Saint Augustine, FL
Hey guys, I'm going to be (hopefully) building my first custom loop very soon. I currently have an NZXT Kraken X61 in my build, and I have an idea that I might try to do.

Do you guys think it would be possible to re-use the X61 CPU block/pump, and the X61 Radiator/fans, with custom tubing? I'm assuming not, because I'm not sure how I would fill the system.

Regardless, the radiator would be able to be used 100% for sure, correct?

Just did some more research, I won't be able to use anything except for the fans, lol. Sorry for the pointless post.!
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It can be reused, however you'll have to mod it. You'll need smaller tubing, clamps, a reservoir and distilled water. Plenty of guides on the net of ppl reusing/modding the Corsair AIO units with clear tubing, distilled water, etc.
I did that once. I combined a H50 and an H120. I just cut the old hose off and used some hose and clamps from Lowes. 1 pump, a 120x2 and a 120x1 radiators, 6 fans. Worked great.Then I wanted GPU cooling as well so I went full custom. It's still sitting up in my attic.

You won't need a reservoir. You first mount your pump and radiators. Then you tube it. I used 2 small zip ties at each barb to hold them in place. Leave 1 of the hoses off of the radiator. Then remove the system from the case. Place the radiator that you left the hose off of in a pan of distilled water with a little coolant or algeside in it. put you finger over the open fitting of the radiator. Using a cheap hand vacuum pump from the auto parts store; pump 30 inches of vacuum on the hose that is going to attach to the radiator. Once the gauge stops moving put the hose end of the pump in the water and remove your finger from the radiator fitting. This will draw water into the cooling system; filling it completely. Remove the hose from the vacuum pump being careful not to let the hose come up out of the water. Attach the hose to the radiator. Again make sure that neither the hose or the radiator come up out of the water. Put on the zip ties and viola you have a completely filled closed system.
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