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using DUAL LAN on NForce 2 ? (Asus)

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Nov 8, 2002
i have a new motherboard with Dual LAN (Asus A7N8X Deluxe)
i heard that you can bridge the LAN to get faster internet.
my room has to outlets to the internet.
i have plugged them both in, and can get them to work seperately. but don't know how to bridge them
i selected both of them, right clicked, and selected bridge. but it didn't work
help would be welcome
Is *that* the point of a dual NIC interface? Hmmm...doesn't seem like you'd really be able to get more bandwidth than your internet connection truly allows. But if you're in a dorm, for instance, and there are two dedicated LAN ports, then maybe that would work.

When you say it "didn't work" what do you mean? You don't see any more speed, or there is some sort of error message?
well, they both WORK seperately, but once i bridge the 2 connections, it stops connecting to the internet.
this could be for a few reasons though.
my EDU makes you register MAC addresses.
i have registered both the NIC's, but i wonder if maybe the Bridge has a difference MAC address altogether (my bro. said he checked and it wasn't difference, but anyway)
any ideas would be appreciated
thanks guys
It's so you can link another computer to it. Like in a home office or a small office in other words daisy chain. Also the reason for two is cause some places only allow one brand of lan card this way you can use the right one.
that would be pretty expensive, would probably be cheaper just to buy the more expensive adsl package if you are wanting faster speed
using both at the same time off 1 connection only offers redundency, you may see a small improvement in throughtput but nothing major.

one of the points of having 2 NICs is so that u dont need to buy a router
but it's free for both connections, cause you just register your name with the EDU and you get unlimited connections.
please anyone know ?
i think it may... though im not sure... be so that you can use a computer a a router type thing... you connect one to the DSL and another to a network with multiple computers... and use it as a server... though im not sure so ya but i think that is it:D :eh?: :D