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using epoxy?

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Feb 26, 2001
i cant connect a normal hsf to my mobo because i broke one of them little clips. Someone suggested epoxying the hsf to the die on the chip.
is this safe? and will it give good cooling still? especially considering i got a t-bird 1.2 gig

is there any guides on howto do this?
standard epoxy is an insulator not a conductor!!! it would have to be artic silver epoxy. And if you mix some artic silver in with that, it lessons the bond so it can be taken off.
go to arctic silver.com and look at their thermal epoxy, it is not permanent if you do not want it to be, there are ways to dilute the epoxy so that you can remove it if you ever decide to using a cold shocking technique
Use Epoxy to glue the lug back on the socket.

Or buy yourself one of those Taisol coolers that have more than 1 lug connector on the clip.

I wouldn't epoxy a sink onto anything (remembering RMA if it dies).