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Using pcb just for USB mount?

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New Member
Aug 29, 2016
I have an old NZXT Tempest case I am modding, and I intend to use the original control/audio/USB module, which is located on a 3" inch piece of PCB. Both the connections and the ports are wired to the PCB board. My question is, can I desolder all the connections and ports off of the PCB and just mount current USB 3.0 and audio on the board, both of which are wired directly to the ports, so I would just be using the old PCB as a mount, no circuitry would actually be going thru the board, since the new usb 3.0 and audio are wired directly to the ports.
It should work, just make sure nothing is shorting to the PCB
The old ports do use the pcb for their connections so you have the usb/audio mounted on it, and then in back of the ports, the connections to the motherboard are mounted. I intend to strip all the ports and connectons off, so no electricity is being drawn thru the pcb. I am then using an extra set of usb 3.0 and updated audio from a Corsair C70, which have their own direct wiring, and don't use a pcb. So I would just be using the pcb to just mount the respective ports, so they fit properly behind the case panel where the originals fit. So the pcb would be relegated to just being a piece of plastic that I am just using to maintain the correct placement of the ports. All old wiring and connections will be removed as the new usb 3.0 and audio are wired directly to the ports themselves.