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Using Spray Foam Sealant

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Mar 5, 2001
I am in the process of building a phase-change cooling system for my computer, and I need a very good way to insulate the cpu and motherboard and protect them from condensation. Does anyone know how Dap Insulating Foam Sealent, or other like products, would preform with this task?
Use EXTREME caution while using some of those "spray" foam insulation types. You spray it on, but as it dries, it expands, big time. You could possibly do some serious damage to your system with that stuff. So i've been told anyways, you might wanna do some more research on that stuff...would wanna bust your board or something....'ey? :) Good Luck.
Go to the local hardware store. Buy some CLEAR silicone, a cheap paintbrush and some naphtha. Thin the silicon with the naphtha and paint it on your board where your need a conformal coating. For $6 you’re done.
Spray foam, alcohol ester based isocyante otherwise known as polyurethane can cross-link in various fashions. Not all of them being permeable to water. Just use the tried and tested bead of silicone.

The Thermal properties of cold set polyurethane resination foams are also a little orc like. Steer clear.

It is not a good idea to use such.

wild_andy_c - BSc Polymer Science
Yeup, if you use the foam, forget ever seeing your motherboard again, that crap drys rock hard.
However, on another note, I used it around the windows of my house, sealing all the drafts, works great for that!
Just a thought, you may want to try Aqua Seal with the fast drying catalyst to seal your board and then add neoprene. Aqua Seal is liquid urethane that dries solid. You can get it at a dive shop. The slick thing about it is the catalyst, with it Aqua Seal dries in two hours. So instead of waiting overnight for your coating to cure, you can have a couple of beers and lap your cold plate while it dries. The only way I know to install a pelt in an evening.
I'm planning to seal my Iwill Slocket2 up soon. PCB is made from fiberglass. So I decided that I'm gonna coat mine with fiberglass resin. :) I'll let you guys know how it goes.

Just wondering, but am I the only guy with 2 gallons of resin in the garage just waiting to be used (I bet surely has some kickin around)? I have it because when ever I paint a car/truck (I've got four, I need to sell a few) instead of filling rust holes with bondo (a brand of body filler) I fill the holes with fiberglass.
Hey Colin, you know, that's a kicking idea, using that Aqua stuff..heehee...that's neat, I'll have too look into that myself when I get ready for supercooling... BTW, where do you people gets those pictures...I want one. :)

What’s going on with our hero and his system? Some of us loose sleep over this.:)

I plan to use Aqua Seal this Friday to install a pelt in my system. A full report will follow. Aqua Seal and neoprene are also great materials to make custom pocket holsters for your favorite hand cannon.
I'm still waiting for my shipments to come back, I should have my reservoir tommorrow (hopefully) and I can then set up my cooler, and let it run to check it out, and the mother board should be here thursday or friday. Once I get the mobo, everything will be ready to go on the mobo for testing...i'm gonna one nervous wreck...I gotta lap the bottom of that block too...kinda rough...DOH. I'm going to do a trouble shooting type thing this time. I'm going to run it "out of the box"...literally no case (sitting on cardboard box no raid, no sound, no nic, one hdd, one cdrom and the vid card and ram stick and cooler. And i'm going to step my way up from there. I'll put it in the mobo tray next, (still out of case) if everything ok, move it to the case, if ok...you get the idea. ;D
ya,man ! I got resin ,and some "cold cure" epoxy ,problem is it's a little too permanant for the RMA department ,and its a pretty good insulator to boot ,personally I use the old RTV and red uerethane conformal ,with a slather of di-electric grease :)
I very well may be wrong, but doesn't Spray foam present some static electricity problems??

Just a thought.