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uv light dual loop

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Apr 30, 2024
Hello,i am building my rig and i want to color the dual loop purple uv and green uv.
Now from what i have been reading for the best effect is not uv light strip but cold cathodes?
Anyone has this or experience with uv light in their loop?

edit: what about the monoblock and gpu waterblock rgb lighting,can u swap it for uv led strips?
distro plates as well?thx
The cold cathode lights will give you much better results from what I've experienced with what's on the market for PC LED options, as LEDs are extremely directional. So unless they are pointed directly at what you want to glow, the results will most of the time be lackluster to your eyes. Might be fine for camera though.

The cathode tubes emit light in all directions, so you don't have to "aim" them. Just be careful handling them as they are fragile, and where you place them as they do run hot, and the ends where the wires come out can as well.
I found these but what is the difference about the ccfl bulb,there is 100mm 200mm and 300mm?
And is this kit any good,my case is a thermaltake core p8 tg and just finished building the dual loop,
now i am pressure testing,cant wait 2 show it. PerformancepcKATHODE.jpg
So u pay more for a shorter one???

edit i didnt see the minus sign my bad.

But what is the best option for lighting up the uv coolant in soft tubing???thx
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