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I'm assuming that vacuum cleaner is sucking air from the case. Wonder how long it will take for the insides to clog up with dust ???

Now if it's blowing I guess there won't be any dust after it's been filtered by the dust bag inside.
Darn, why can't I come up with something funny to say when I need it most ;D

My concern would be for the vacuum cleaner motor. I don't think they are designed to run for protracted lengths of time. I know my Hoover gets pretty warm after only a half an hour of use. My wife would probably swear to the fact that there is no way i could know this. :)

Damn, Vacuum cleaners are loud too! Move over Delta, a new king has arrived. Oh wait, there's already the "Extreme" hair dryer fan used by Joe for testing...
It may be a sensible precaution to turn the vacuum cleaner's motor on and off only when it's a couple of meters away from your box.
Motors of the type used in vacuum cleaners are notoriously noisy electrically- arcing is commonplace within these motors and the amount of garbage that will be induced into your AC mains will be great. I wouldn't want that electrical noise on the same circuit as my PC!