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New Member
May 12, 2001
first I apologize for my pure english - so I do not know what is the name of this particular piece which I am trying to find...

I will try talk about it - maybe someone can help..

I am searching so kind of valves which I can use to connect two tubes. Normal valve is just smaller tube - nothing sophisticated. I need something made from two pieces which I can connect and disconnect and I will not loose liquid. So this is also a connector. My mind connect it rather witch sprinklers accessory.

I read ones article where author show it in use in his computer system, but I am not able to find it now. This was comparison of radiators or blocks and hi wrote that this make it life easier.

Can somebody help me find it?


Jerzy Puchala
I believe what you are looking for is a type of Quik coupler. I have seen them, but did not pay attention to where they got them. Most of the ones I have worked with do leak a little bit when they are disconnected.
Thank you very much - this is what was trying to find.

Best regards

If you can handle the bulk, you can cobble something together from your local hardware store. Long term reliability is much better then the push button couplers.