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Vantec Aeroflow

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Mar 13, 2002
The Big Easy
Any one out there have one or had one? I am looking for a quiet air solution for a 1700+ and this seems like the best. Thanks.
I've checked it out too... reasonable price. Almost as good with the relatively quiet aeroflow as the ax-7 is with the loudass delta 68cfm (2 c/w according to OverClockers.com if I remember.) Decent price.

Also would be interested on owners opinions, as well as some readings.

The Heatsink is AWESOME!

I've been testing it here vs the AX-7 with 50.2 Sunon, and The Aerflow has a 1.2C lead! ;). On an XP1600 @ 1.75ghz @ 1.80v.

But yeah, its much quieter, it really works, and looks pretty damn cool.

The clip is slightly easier to use, although a little tricky at first. But anyways I would recommend you guys picking it up. One of the better heatsinks i've tried..and Trust me, I've tried em all...

or most =D.

I think this will be my choice also, the reviews look good and the noise is a key issue for me after using Delta's and Tornado's for so long.
but juse emagine how much better the aeroflow will perform with a higher cfm fan? I would think quite a bit as the stock fan is sort of weak. Maybe sombody will test out this heatsink with a high flow fan? Ohwell, just a thought.
The downside is it's 70mm... I'll bet if there was an 80mm version it would be pretty sweet. Maybe sell with an 80mm tmd for around 40$ without for around 32$
hmm true 70mm fan mounting but eh we can mod it. Have it be somthing like "Aeroflow Extreme" instead of "Dr.Thermal Extreme" heheheh, hey if it performs much better why not? unless noise is a problem which alot of people it seems not to be.
ummm miss sumthing here how big is the fan that come with it??
i made a mont for a cooler master dp56j31c and put a 80mm smart fan on it dont know y it did not work got better temps with the stock fan on it if i get this one ill leve the fan on it
when you go to a larger diameter fan you have to take into account pressure drop and performance curve of the fans. Say a delta 50 cfm 60mm fan outperforms a vantec 84 cfm fan when mounted on a 60mm ~70mm heatsink. It is just because the 50cfm 60mm fan is a banchee, really really powerfull, louder, and pushes the air harder than even a tornado after it has been funneled down to 60mm. And even a medium flow 60mm fan say 30cfm would compair to around 50~60 cfm atleast for a 80mm fan unless you have a long duct going to the heatsink and the heatsink doesnt cause to much pressure drop.