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Vantec FCE-62540D!!

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Jul 7, 2001
North Carolina
I'm thinking of buying this hsf. Is it good. I heard it is really really loud. Can you guys deal with that kind of noise? Do you know where it is really cheap and the shipping is really low??
I'm new to overclocking so take this for whatever its worth. I have this fan on a P3 700@910Mhz and I'm not impressed at all. It wont sit flat on my CPU. I think its cause of the mounting clip. I'm looking to find a good deal on a FOP38 or PEP66.
Yes it is noise. That doesn't bother me though.
I'v been told if you do try one make sure you get the 4pin connector cause the 3pin w/ that fan can burn out connection on mobo.

Heatsinkfactory.com has good prices and great customer service.

Good luck
Is it true that this hsf will rock when it is turned on? The reviews said that the clip was the best one. Should i get this fan or the Globalwin WBK 38? I heard the delta fan on a website. Its pretty loud. Will the delta fan be loud inside the case?
yes, the delta will be loud. Avoid a globalwin hsf is possible, their clips are so awful and hard to use. Get an Sk-6 or Glaciator if you are buying a hsf today, especially the glaciator if you are worried about noise.
The Vantec is really good and the clip is the best I have seen so far :)
However the fan is LOUD (I mean LOUUUUUUUUUUUUD) it's like being behind a starting 747!!!
I finally ended buying a 5,400 RPM fan and replacing the Delta fan with it. Temperature went up a little but it's still OK.
As a very pleased owner of the Vantec FCE62450D, I would highly recommend it. It keeps the CPU very cool. Although it is loud, it a fair trade off. As I have a total of 12 fans, the noise of the delta is sufferable. It does have the best clip out and when lapped to perfection, it rocks.
Here is where I got mine, they ship immediately and have great customer support. http://www.crazypc.com/Merchant2/merchant.mv?Screen=PROD&Store_Code=120199&Product_Code=5090
i have to say it.

golden gate at this site.

you have a choice of fans, 27cfm (one i have now, quiet and good performance), 38 cfm (delta) and 40 cfm (ytech same as delta basically).

currently i have my 1 ghz t-bird at 1.4 ghz. that's w/ a 27 cfm fan ppl. w/ my wbk38 (w/ delta) i couldnt get 1.4 ghz. so take it for what it's worth.

in my opinion this hs is just as good as the sk6, matter of fact i had the sk6 and sold it.
Another vote for the Vantec. The FOP-38's with the NEW clip work really well for the FC-PGA if you have a stubby common("flat blade") screwdriver to do the pressure work. However, they are made for FC-PGA CPU's. The WBK's are new, I dunno how well they work.

The Vantec FCE-62540D(catchy name) is MADE for Socket A. Its SK7 clip ROCKETH. It's a winner. Delta 38's are loud. I'm keeping the Delta on my Vantec until I get a feel for the temp of my Duron. Temperature monitoring of AMD Socket A CPU's SUCKS. Ditto, ditto. The lack of an internal thermistor is inexcusable. If you want to pay ~$300 for a Morgan/Palomino or WTF they're called, AMD finally got with the internal thermistor plan. About frickin' time.

Until the internal temp reporting is a fact with AMD CPU's, nobody has a clue. The only way to really know your CPU's temp is to drill a precise hole in the HS, insert a National Bureau of Standards certified, freshly calibrated thermistor exactly right, and read it. The assorted thermistors found inside Socket A's are all crap. And they're all different. MSI's are different than Epox's, which are different than Asus's, etc.

Oh, bruddah. Rant over. The Vantec is a winner, for $17, it's a good 'un.
I was very pleased with this heatsink and have the perfect solution for you (I'm watercooled now). If you do get the Vantec, the fan is actually rated at .48a; not .32a. So that means it's drawing 5.76w @ 12v. I suggest two things:

First, run it off the 12v adaptor cable (save the power on the Motherboard for your CPU :) ) , but leave the blue wire connected to the molex connector (even better if you have a spare) to the motherboard for RPM monitoring.

Then wire in a Rheostat from RS. I did this and without the Rheostat my fan speed was ~7300 rpm. Turn the speed down just a little (6k) and your temps should go up maybe 1ºC or so, but your ears will thank you. This equates to ~ 10v. Reduce the speed any more and the Rheostat will get too hot and you may want to do the LM037? mod instead.