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VapoChill For Cheap?

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Sep 3, 2002
Roselle, IL
Hey guys,

I'm really interested in buying myself a VapoChill system. I was wondering if anyone knew of any resellers that were selling them for reasonable prices, preferably the premium edition. So far, I've seen prices in the $550 range. Anyone seen these for cheaper?

Thanks a lot


Jan 4, 2002

I am actually one of the vapochill resellers myself. I cant get listed until I have a vapo section for my site.

As far as discounting goes, the rules are, if you discount, your finished as far as being a reseller (thats the story i was told). I guess time will tell if that works out, but it does keep everything fair.

I can also get you a vapochill if you like. PM me for details. I have one on that is shipping to me now (left thursday).
(premium socket 478 ti) (EDIT: I guess the Intel version wont help you :) )

I have been trying for a while to get some reasonable (IE Pricewatch) type pricing for other items (asus, intel, etc) from various distributors but for some reason all these people are way to high priced to make it worthwhile to involved with it.

Anyway, I am not sure on the policy for advertising here, so just PM me or email me for details.


Offical Vapochill price list:

Socket A & 478:
SE (any white flavor): $469 (USD)
SE (TI = black case): $509 (USD)
PE (white): $519 (USD)
PE (black): $559 (USD)


Senior Seti Addict
Jan 15, 2001
Denver, CO
You know if they could get the price down to say 375-400 they might make more money through the extra volume than they do now charging 500. There are very few people that can afford to pay that just to play with overclocking. Their rule about discounting is a mistake imho.


New Member
Jul 12, 2002
i seen the pics and vapochill seems insane :D

but for $559, that's crazy!! :eek: i'll have to wait a little longer.