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Jan 22, 2002
hey how do you make video files into VCD format....

i used nero 5.5.7 with mpeg2 plugin and it works once...perfectly
every DVD player can read it...i think...even the SONY Player dv550 or something (the home theater system not computer drive) can read it...i was impressive...but as i do it again with another video file it froze while encoded at 15%...dunno why...
the only diff between the first video file and the second one that didn't work was that the first video file is bigger....
If I'm not mistaken MPEG1 is for VCD and MPEG2 is for SVCD. Check out this site...it'll answer all your questions. Convert to MPEG1 and then burn it on a CD...otherwise with MPEG2 you'll be making an SVCD and not all DVD players can read SVCD format.


hey i got an unknow format video clip and it froze everytime i tried to make it into VCD...is there anyway to convert this file?...i tried the website you gave me...it's just there are too many software to test...i've only tried the avi2vcd and still won't work...since i'm guessing that you've been there and dealt with this kind of situation a lot...u think u can help?
You really have to know what type of file it is in order to convert it.

The reason that you may have freezes is that the divx file or what ever type of file your using may be corrupted. Try to d/l
divx fix to fix divx files that are broken.

Also don't use nero to encode your mpeg & mpeg2 files.
Use TMPGEnc you covert any divx or even some other formats.
It is faster and gives you more options, plus better quality. AND a added bonus is dual threaded.
Oni said:
Be careful where this goes, guys. Just a warning.

OK, But what are we doing wrong here? Just curious. :)

TMPGEnc is the best for converting just about any format to mpeg. From there you can use nero to make (S)VCD's. If your DVD player supports SVCD go that route as it is much better quality than VCD. Even better is X(S)VCD.

fade2black said:

OK, But what are we doing wrong here? Just curious. :)

I don't think you are really doing anything wrong, just yet. I think what Oni is a little worried about is that some people use VCD in order to copy or burn copywrighted material. As long as we stay out of that domain and just talk about technical specifics, I think you will be ok.

However, I am not a moderator, so I guess it dosen't really matter what I think ;)
Oh, I see. I guess I have always used VCD's for storing and watching movies of my kids and recording TV shows (like the X-files :)). I can see his point now.

Hey Fade i'm not sure you right about TMPGE can convert any file...

i went to the property of this video file and the audio format -> is MPEG Layer-3, 96kbits/s, 48000hz, stereo
with video format -> 352x208, 66410frames, 20,000Frames/s, 61kb/s, unknown format

i don't know if you all need that much details but my point was that i canNOT make this video file into MPEG-1 or VCD

in another thought, i think it was already MPEG-1, HOWEVER it froze when i use nero to burn it into VCD,
it can't be recognize by TMPGE...saying it can't be open or unsupported...

and finally i used VCDeasy as the website recommended me to, still won't work....i click on add file and i can't find that video file anywhere...manually, i drag that video file into the space in VCDeasy where normally video files are...still won't work...

is burning a video file into VCD that hard...
www.vcdhelp.com makes it sound like easy...i did exactly as it told but it doesn't come out as it showed...
I have a thought about what might be wrong. You said the audio was MPEG Layer 3. Well I've used avi2vcd before, and it said it couldnt convert a video with compressed audio. try to run decompress.exe that comes with avi2vcd and then encode the new video.

just a thought
Maybe this will help. It's right off TMPGEnc's website :

Can we use MPEG-Audio Layer3(MP3) for audio part?

TMPGEnc does not include MP3 encoder. You can use external encoder such as SCMPX, or you can create MP3 file for TMPG's audio source.
As far as I know, a MPEG file whose audio is MP3 can be played only by Xing MPEG Player.