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Vcore and multiplier dropping under load [9900k]

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New Member
Aug 30, 2020
I know there is plenty of information out there on this, but I'm having trouble identifying what exactly is causing this in my particular system. This is also my first proper cpu overclock, so I just need a bit of guidance!


9900k/Z390-E Gaming
Sync all cores, 50x

Basically, in blender, cinebench etc, the multiplier drops to 47x, and the Vcore drops to something like 1.23-1.24V.

Do I need to change LLC/Vcore/any other settings in bios that I don't know about?

Temps during the benchmark don't exceed 75C, and I have active cooling on my VRMs. I am thinking this an issue with the power delivery on my mobo, but I also have seen people getting 5Ghz no problem with this same setup.

Looking at the multipliers while idling, all cores sit at 50x most of the time, but still dip to 47x occasionally:

View attachment 211488

Any help is much appreciated!



Gulper Nozzle Co-Owner
Dec 15, 2008
This is normal operation of the cpu when the bios is set to auto. 5 ghz is the turbo value for 2 cores while 4.7ghz is the all core boost clock.

Edit, oops... you've set them all to 50x. Make sure all power and current limits are set to their highest value is a start.

I know this is z490 but it should still help.
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Aug 13, 2020
hmmm, never really saw a cpu that will drop the multiplier on half its cores, usually if it doesnt have the voltage for the multiplier it will just crash... yours seems to be in some sort of survival mode :D that does seem a bit bizarre tbh