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Mar 12, 2002
I just installed my soyo drivers and the monitoring utility complains about vcore. It is at 1.74 I haven't tried any overclocking because I wanted to make sure everything was stable first. Is this a problem? What should vcore be at normally? I know my power supply is good (enermax 430) I've got a XP2000. What is the problem here?

No problem at all. The default voltage on a athlon xp is 1.75 so you are right no target. If you want to overclock bump the voltage +1 to 1.85.
Looks good to me. Default voltage is 1.75. I raised mine to 1.80 in the bios. Download MBM 5 at Guru 3d . A much better program than Smartguardian.
thanks all.

I just freaked out as this was my first computer build and I didn't want to flush my money down the drain.

smart guardian is gone. mbm is installed.

Everything seems rock solid. trying to get gentoo linux installed on this bad boy so I can scream. Since my temps are low I'll probably be overclocking soon, or I may have to wait until winter :(.

Have fun,