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Vega 64 Vcore vrm shutting down on powerup initialization

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Feb 11, 2010
Hello all,

I used some free time to toy with a dead Vega 64 from a friend. It's a reference design from Powercolor, who seemed 100% committed to trying not to honor the warranty when my friend still had the card.

To their recollection the card just stopped working. They don't remember exactly, but they could have shocked it after moving their desk space around in their work space after plugging in the HDMI cable to the card.

I pulled it apart and looked for shorts on any of the phases but didn't see any. Also powered it up without the heatsink to see if the core gets warm. It warms up initially but about a second or so into receiving power the one "hd tach" light flashes and remains off and the core cools down.

I tested the power on the phases and read 0.8 V and 1.8 V on the appropriate phases and 1.2V on MVDD. Vcore phases read anywhere from 0.88 to 0.99V on my crummy mulitmeter (I left my good one at work) but it seems to be in line with P0 voltages for the Vega 64. However, in line with the second or so that it takes for the led to flash and core to cool down the vcore vrms drop to 0 V. All other phases remain running at the appropriate voltage.

I haven't tested the enable line between any of the vcore vrm drivers or controller since I wasn't on a test bench, space was limited and didn't want to accidentally short something probing around. I've only seen one card exhibiting similar symptoms from a Buildzoid video working with a water damaged card. I'm starting to think the core is dead but I can't say for sure until I find out what is sending the enable line low during power-up when I have time again.

Has anyone tried to diagnose/revive one of these things?