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venting some air

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do you think that this would work? I have all kinds air going in the case and now i need to vent some out. I don't have room for 2 80mm's on the top like i want to do so i am in a bind. Do you think i could rig up two on the high powered slot coolers. Like put them back to back and have them blowing out at the top. Does anyone think this would work. Any other suggestions if you don't think it will?
you can really vent anywhere, you say you don't have room for two 90s, what about a 92 or a 120? They deliver a ton of airflow. What case do you have?
i have a generic aopen kf45b middle tower. It has lots of room everywhere else but at the top. i plan on puttind an 80mm panaflo in the back. I just need more somewhere else because my in is 308 and which the 80 in the back the out would be around 220 so i need another place to vent and the top seems to be the best place
Don't forget the drive bays. If you can find one of those drive-bay coolers (centrifugal fan variety) you can fit it in the topmost 5.25" drive bay.