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Verizon Online DSL keeps disconnecting

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New Member
Jan 17, 2010
I have Verizon Online Dsl since 2006 i think. I have the cheapest plan available. Its the 21.99 per month plus tax one. I have 2 home phones but i have filters/splitters on them already. Those phones are not cordless phones. They are regular telephones. Also their pretty old.

However, my dsl disconnects so much every single day. Some days it disconnects for 30 seconds whereas other times it might disconnect for 30 minutes. Today i had about 20 disconnections or so of more than 5-10 minutes unless i restarted my modem and router. Still after every 10 minutes my connection would go dead.

I live in New York City. My neighbor who lives right next door to me NEVER has this problem. He however has a different Verizon modem because he has the 29.99 plan while i have the 21.99 plan. We live in an old apartment building. Its probably 100 years old at least. He however tells me his internet will disconnect for maybe 5 seconds if there is a phone call. DSL isn't suppose to be like this i know. Whenever there is a rain or snow, usually this happens even more. He tells me it never happens to him.

I have a Westell Model 6100 Modem. I also have a Wireless Router the Linksys WRT54G Version 3. In my DSL modem now, the internet light does not flash whenever i am online because I think i made my internet bridge mode? I changed this recently. Before 4 lights on my Westell Modem flash but now the INTERNET doesn't have green. Verizon online support told me it would not flash because i changed the mode i am which is fine. I think you guys know what I am talking about. It's concerning bridge and unbridge mode. They told me now i am going online through my router and not my modem because of my setup.

Anyways, whichever mode i do, my verizon online dsl disconnects way too much. I do not have fax machine or any of those things. I have splitters as well.

Can someone please help? Is there a chance it can be my router? What about my settings in the router? Like the channels, or the mode... G mode, B mode, mixed mode. I really have no clue. Could it be my modem ?

I called Verizon and when they did the line test on me, they told me everything was fine on their end.


Nov 28, 2001
NYC has alot of old lines throughout. I had a once a year ritual, of calling up Verizon to have the outside line replaced because of too much noise which would cause disruption to my DSL to the point where it could no longer connect. They finally replaced the main line from the street to the pole which cured pretty much everything and so far I have not had an issue for a number of years (though my DSL speeds has gone down some over a period of time).

Using a hardwired phone (not a cordless), simply pick up the reciever, dial a single number such as 2, cover the microphone hole and listen very carefully for any line noise, crackling, or even other conversations faintly in the background. A good clean line should sound nearly silent (relatively speaking) with no anomalies. Do this at the main phone outlet in your apartment, with no DSL filter.

If anything seems wrong, call up Verizon and have them test your line. The operator can do a test right then and there to see if its something on their end, and you can request a technician to come over and check the lines running from the street to your apartment (you'll probably need to speak with the super or owner to allow the technician access to the NID).

If all that checks out fine, then the last culprit would be your interior phone wiring, from the NID to your apartment. That'll be up to the owner/super to get fixed, unless you have the capability and full access to do the job yourself.


Jan 9, 2007
If you can access the router, see what the noise ratio is. It needs to be above a certain amount or else it will eventually disconnect. You could have a bad line, or it could be a bad modem not syncing correctly (it could even be a problem at the exchange). If your ISP supplied you with a complete service (i.e. modem etc) then they should be taking this up to rectify the situation. If the phone line is provided by another company (just like many a situation here in England) then the ISP should still do the first steps to determine if its the modem, phone line or an issue within the telephone exchange.