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Very specific external hard drive enclosure requirements...

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Oct 31, 2008
Hey :)

I'm looking for recommendations for an external hard drive enclosure. Here are my requirements:

* It needs to be 2-bay and hold regular desktop size hard drives
* It needs to support 4TB drives (the specific drive that I'll be using is the Western Digital RE WD4000FYYZ)
* It needs to support RAID 1 Mirroring
* USB 3 connectivity
* Preferable have active cooling (fan)
* Needs to be orderable from the UK with UK plug and mains power (there are US options but that would require step-down transformers)
* Preferably of a high quality construction

This drive will house two 4TB drives in mirroring and will be used as a rarely connected backup drive (mirrored so it's essentially a "backup of a backup"). It will be storing critical business data so it needs to be reliable, hence why I'm getting very reliable drives to go in it. I currently have a 1TB Macpower Taurus (not sure of the exact model number, but it's 2-bay and has a jumper switch to toggle RAID 1,0 and JBOD I think) and as I've had good experiences with Macpower I was looking at this enclosure:
However it seems as though this drive may have been discontinued or at least is now next to impossible to find here in the UK (there are US Amazon and eBay sellers but again, step down transformers etc).

I've looked into this before and come across the IcyBox range but have also heard on various forums etc that they can be unreliable and have overheating or reliability issues.
I don't have any specific budget but preferably less than a single one of the hard drives (i.e. no more than £200 / $350 or so) and it should be easy to use, plug and play outside of formatting the drives etc. I don't need media server or NAS features, and don't want that added complexity - just a USB 3 supporting, 2 bay, RAID Mirroring compatible, reliable external hard drive enclosure.

That said - any suggestions? :)


Very kind Senior
Mar 13, 2002
Greensboro NC
Before traveling too far down the stepdown transformer route, most of these will have auto-ranging AC adapters. The one you linked is Input: AC 100-240V. This is compatible. My plug adapter died last week in London. I just grabbed a UK plug to two pin cable and was back in business.

I'll rake a look and see what turns up, though usually I prefer a different methodology for offsite backups.


Oct 31, 2008
Ah, I didn't think about that - I've had a couple of devices in the past that have required a step-down so I took it as a given. That might be a good option assuming I can find a seller of that enclosure in the US happy to ship to the UK as I've already got plenty of figure 8 and three-pin cables, kettle leads etc to hand :). Thanks for the tip!