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very very confused

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Aug 19, 2002
you cant spell stupid w/out SIU
i unlocked my XP 1600 today, on the second try, but when i try for 200 FSB, on about the second try, windows fails to load right. ive had to reformat it twice now, and sometimes it doesnt even want to boot from the instal. CD. and it only happens when i get to 200FSB...

im using the MSI kt4, but i realy dont know EXACTLY what settings to use... especialy if windows fails to load...

i booted with 195 fsb no problem,

the error message i got was that MSCONFIG was missing or damaged, even if i booted from the install cd. what could be doing this? is there something im forgetting? it seems as though ive tryed every setting, im just wondering if anyone has had to reformat, reinstall like this insead of just resetting the CMOS.

im gonna try some more, and ill have some benchies as soon as i get these 2 sticks of "DDR400" corsair XMS up to 200fsb

any answers would greatly be appriciated...

No, I just think your PCI bus is running a little fast. A 200mhz FSB on a 1/5 divider means your HDD is suffering through 40mhz of PCI bus power. At 195, it's at 39.

Not good.

Back 'er down. A few megahertz lost in an OC is usually worth the contents of your HDD.
wow, makes sense now... what should i have the mem settings @?

and thanks for the advice, now that all my mp3's are gone. i should have done a little more reasearch... oh well.

so im guessing that it STARTS @ 195, 194 would be 38 then, right?
194 would be 38.8.

It's FSB multiplied by the divider. Sounds confusing, doesn't it? Took me two weeks to figure out how to multiply by something you divided with. Turns out I was mixing up the terms' meanings. :rolleyes:

FSB (200 mhz) X Divider (1/5) = PCI bus speed (40 mhz)

As for your memory settings, I honestly have no idea. Try the Memory forum, because I'm at the end of my knowledge. :p

Since 40mhz seems to be the breaking point, I'd bring it down to 38mhz (190 FSB) or even 37mhz (185FSB) just to be safe. But that's me and my worrisome character, you should probably post in the Storage forum with your hard drive make and model, and see if anyone else has had experience with it.
I guess its a good thing mine wont do over 40MHZ. Is it really the harddrive running at the PCI speeds? Or is it just the controller, which would get buggy from high PCI speeds, causing the errors on the harddrive?
I don't think it's so much a controller problem as it could be the HDD's fault. Just check the Storage forum - people ask all the time, "Which HDD OCs the best?", and I assume they're worried about which one will handle the highest PCI bus speed.