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VESA Wall Mount Project

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Good stuff Navig, I wouldn't expect anything less, from the work I've seen you do. I think the color choice would have thrown me for a loop before seeing it, as I said earlier I really like it now. I also like the placement of the slotting in the panels. Though, the evenness of the slots in the bottom left panel in the pic above is trowing me off but that just my insanity. I would have put a 5th row in it to "even" it out.....again my insanity! :D

Ps. if I were a betting man you didn't put another row because you wanted to keep the integrity of the panel.
Really good eye Mandrake. 5th row would have been a little hard to fit. What the picture doesn't show is how the slots are aligned when the panels are on the frame and locations of the frames. Clearest example is the panel with slanted slots for the power supply--cross bar runs right thru the middle of the pattern. Any case, I felt like a 5th row just wouldn't work right. Ideally, if I had access to a laser cutter, I would have proportionately shrinked the size of the cutouts to fit a 5th row. Unfortunately, with one, that would have meant constructing an entirely new jig.

Final assembly coming soon...
Final Assembly

A little side modification: I was finding the main psu power cable was rubbing and snagging against the sliders where it exits the PCI panel (see red arrow).


I needed to get the cable to hang a little further out and up.

So I milled out a little more extensive cutout for the cable, and cut up a panel to hold it in place:


Now secured in a good spot:


This is the sort of thing you that is hard to predict or design--just got to modify in response to the problem.

And the final piece to the puzzle--added some thumbscrews to keep the PCI panel closed.

Final Assembly, Finally!

Next step was to mount all the panels to the frame.


View from the inside:


Here with the motherboard tray:


Simply engage the sliders, and the computer puts together!




Some more pics of the completed unit:


In this pic you can really see all my slotwork to create airflow.

I/O panel side:


Articulating TV arm:



This project is done!

However as I have done on my previous posts, I will come back with my “VESA Wallmount Project: Completed!” set of posts in which I will post a quick recap of the build and a set of staged higher resolution pics. Coming soon!
Very nice. Please post pics once you install it on the wall with monitor.
As always nice build Navig. I'm curious how is it holding up when mounted, Is the bracing enough?
Bracing is perfectly fine but is probably weakest link. When properly secured (screws and washers), I have literally hung by the frame. But I think if I wanted to actively tear the thing off the wall by twisting and rocking, eventually the 2 brackets that mount the frame to the wall would probably fail.

If you were trying to a strap a fighting 200 lb gorilla to the case, then I would probably go with thicker (say 1/8") brackets, but for a TV it does just fine!
LOL thanks Navig. I would say that it has enough bracing. :D No Gorillas in my house just a 15 yr old. Thanks for sharing as always. :thup:
Did you use any of the connectors commonly used for the front panels? Where is your power and reset buttons? Are you going wireless with keyboard, mouse, and wifi?

Plan was for this case sit behind a big screen TV or monitor, so generally only accessed when needing maintenance. So I didn’t really see a need for more ports (USB, audio, etc). Despite being mini-itx, I felt like the motherboard had plenty of usb ports, and this pci/i-o side is really the only side you would be at when accessing the system.

Wireless keyboard/mouse would be a must!
I know you can turn on the computer using the keyboard if you enable it on in the BIOS, I am not sure if that works with wireless keyboards. What method do you plan to use to turn on the computer with the antenna. What plans do you have for sound?
I use a wireless mouse. :D

It wouldn't cost you anything to activate both and have the Wireless keyboard power-on as a back-up plan in case the battery in your remote dies. What is your sound system like, wireless, mounted to the VESA bracket, etc.?
Hi all!

Just letting everyone know I am still alive and modding! It has been a busy hectic few months (if you look at my location, it is Chico, CA), plus I needed to do some work on my shop to get my lighting proper to take pictures of my final build. In any case, I am currently editing my photos and will have my final completed project post here shortly.
VESA Wallmount Project, Completed!

This is my set of posts of my competed VESA Wallmount project. If you want more nitty gritty details, feel free to jump to the start of this thread where I posted my build log. If you are jumping here directly, welcome, and I will sprinkle in details on how I constructed this mod.

The origins of this project date back to a few years ago; a poster on one of my previous builds suggested I build a wall mount PC, specifically to hang behind his (maybe it was a her?) big screen TV for gaming.

I kind of took it one more step beyond--why not have the big screen TV mount directly to the wall mount PC itself?

Hence my formula:


By the way, VESA stands for the Video Electronics Standards Association, which sets the standards for television/monitor mounting brackets. That way you know the bracket will fit the back of the TV and will hold the weight of it.

After some virtual designing, I decided on this solution:


My mod would consist of a heavy duty metal frame, on to which I would bolt a standardized VESA TV mount bracket. The frame would house a computer-on-a-motherboard-tray, and be clad in plastic paneling.

And here is the my final build, also deconstructed: