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VGA errors on Iwill KK266

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Mar 26, 2001
New 1gig T-bird on kk266 has been running stable for about a week. Now after running games or benchmarks for a while, if I shut the system down and try to reboot after 5-10 min. I get a long, short, short beep - code for no VGA signal. I can hear the hard drive being accessed then the system shuts down. Tried this vid card in MSI board - ran fine. Tried old pci vid card in the Iwill - ran fine. Tried upping vio, but no help. If I let the system sit for a half hour or so it will boot with no problem. Any Ideas?

1gig T-bird @1425 - problem also occurs at default settings
Iwill kk266
256megs crucial pc133 cas2
Leadtech GTS2 32meg
Maxtor 30gig 7200 ATA100
Thanks Kriegster, but I've tried reseating the board a dozen times without success. Also doesn't explain why letting it sit for half an hour cures the problem.
J_Lee - What is your FSB at the current OC ? This could be driving the agp slot faster than the card can handle w/o suffient cooling.
I had a similar problem until I took an $12 VGA cooler kit by Vantec and replaced the stock fan on my TNT 2.(also have a 120mm Panaflo 69cfm blowing on Video and CPU.) Have'nt had a glitch since.
I'm running the chip at 9.5x150 and I have considered that possibility. The stock cooling on the Leadtek cards is quite good on their "enhanced" models. Unfortunately I get the same no-post when running the cpu at stock settings, 7.5x133. I'm starting to wonder if it's a power supply problem, even though I have an Enermax 330w unit and am running the cpu at default voltage.