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Via 1300 before or after a Maze3?

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Aug 20, 2002
Right now I'm running a Dtek heatercore--> Maze3--> Via pump all inline.

Would I benefit going Heatercore--> pump--> Maze3?

THis is for a p4 rig

Right now I'm [email protected] 31
Full load 36

I'm asking because its a huge project just getting the setup out of my box. But I'll do it if it will help temps.

BTW The pump is a hot SOB> should I just splurge for a 1048?


Sep 19, 2002
slipknot said:
I think you should be fine. You have the heatercore right before the WB. This way, you are getting the coolest water into the WB.

Also, this configuration induces laminar flow in the block and turbulent flow in the heat exchanger.


Sep 19, 2002
Fwiler said:

Ummm... is that good?

Yes. You want laminar flow in the water block and turbulent in the heat exchanger (heater core). The laminar flow in the block takes the heat away quickly and the turbulent flow in the heat exchanger enhances the heat exchanger's ablility to transfer heat from the fluid (the water) to the other fluid (the air). Many fluid mechanics/dynamics books state that pulling a fluid though a heat exchanger promotes laminar flow and pushing a fluid through it promotes turbulent flow. Here's a helpful link:


(quickest picture that I know of to describe what I'm talking about):D