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VIA Chipset Problem?

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Jan 19, 2001
Bartlett, IL (Chicago 'Burbs)
I have a Abit KT7 RAID and i just fried a nVidia TNT2 M64 32 meg video card. The company I bought the video card said it is one of two things:

1 - 1X AGP motherboard
2 - VIA chipset motherboard.

WTF?? Does the VIA chipset not support the TNT2 video cards??? I thought the TNT2 was among the most popular video cards on the planet!!!

The video card worked for a total of 30 min. Now the bios does not come up when the AGP video card is in. I also tried it in a Abit BH6. Still won't do anything. Card is seated properly.

Any help is greatly appreciated.
What VIA chipset has your board got?

Strange that it should croak. What is your IO Voltage? If it's around 3.5v it could murder your card.

1x AGP, probably could be the max for the card (some cheapo TNTs don't support 2x AGP.

AFAIK, the K6 VIA chipsets only support 1x AGP, so that's what the bloke at the shop might've thought the reason for it not working on a VIA chipset.

If it don't work on a BH6, they you should have told him that when you contacted the vendor.

Rule 1 of RMA: Always say you've tried everything that you can think of to test the card, i.e. tried it in a different Mobo, and it still don't work (even if you haven't got another Mobo :¬)} )

What AGP bus speed (MHz) was it running at?

Just a few ideas...
I believe the chipset is the KT133. I am running a Duron 650 on it. The bus speed it at the normal 100 mhz. The TNT2 is supposed to support 2X and 4X. The voltage was only 3.3v when it fried.

I sent it back and they are sending me a new one. Hopefully it was just a bad video card.
Hey Geuro,
I've got a tnt m64 card too. But it's on a 1st mainboard, and believe me, it acts like a "first" board too! (via apolo pro...mp3). Anyway, I went to Radio Shack and bought a heatsink/fan for a 486 board and installed it on the core of the tnt. It was getting hot, and I didn't want to take a chance.
I'm planning on the iwill kv266 or kt7a raid in about a month. Please tell me, did you have a fan on it?
The TNT2 m64 I bought had a heat sink and fan already on it. It was attached not so good and maybe that did not help. I think i am going to check it out and add some silicone thermal paste this time around.