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SOLVED Vibra 128 PCI Sound Problem

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About 2mnths ago started having problems with the sound on my system, have to re-boot three to four times before the sound works properly. Tried everything that i can think of,but no luck. tried the latest drivers from Creative, tried re-installing the entire OS, nothing seems to be working. I suspect that the card is on it's way out. Whats got me is that after re-booting 3-4 times the sound is o.k. Tried moving the sound card to different slots, this has not helped either. it's not the best or top range sound card available but for gaming etc...seemed to be o.k.
My system: PIII 800 @ 800 100fsb.128meg pc133, 32meg tnt2 pro, 8x DVD,old 2x cyberdrive CDR, tv capture card, accton 10/100 ethernet. I have run the CPU at 133,7 fsb puts it at around 1069 mhz,though not too stable at this speed in games,standard heatsink & fan. The mobo is the GA-6OXM7E. Any help or ideas on the sound prob would be much appreciated.
Best regards
Thought i'de reply to my own post. I removed the sound card and set up the on-board sound on the mobo....no more problems, so i guess the Vibra card has seen better days. BTW, the mobo uses the
Creative CT5880 sound chip,the sound is o.k on this board.