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Vibrating noise of Delta 38 Fan

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Jul 7, 2001
North Carolina
I have a vantec FCE 6030D. Has a delta 38cfm fan. The noise is ok but the vibrating is unbearable. The vibrating is even going through the sound card and i can hear it through the speakers. How can i make the vibrating sound stop going into the speakers?
Unplugging the fan is NOT an option!!!hehe

I've thrown this idea out several times but I have yet to hear if it worked for anyone else.
I have a 26cfm fan on a Taisol that was also vibrating like crazy. I took a small piece of foam with adhesive on 1 side(about 1/4" square and 3/16" thick) and kept placing it on the inner part of the fan at different points till it balance the fan.
Use foam so thaat if it flies off it won't hurt anything.
Try it, you'll like it!
Like dad said, use a piece of foam or rubber to insulated and damp the fan. How is your fan attatched? If it is screwed then you could add little bits of rubber/silicon tubing as washers between the screws and HS

Is your system overclocked? If not you don't really need a delta, so you could downgrade to a quieter fan
Hey Smiley,
What kind of temps are you getting with that HSF?
I was thinking of ordering the 6035D...maybe not if it is going to vibrate too!
Do you think it is doing a good job of cooling??
I'm gettin 39C for an 850 Thunderbird. It can get cooler in the winter. The fan is screwed on a plate with a big hole in the middle. Its a good fan for me. I'm not overclocking.
No..No..No...you don't understand!
Look at the pic below. You need to balance the fan to eliminate the vibration. Just keep trying it at different points along the outer edge till it balances.
While I realize we pay good money for these devices, they are not manufactured to be the best that can be made. We wouldn't buy them if they were $200!!
So, we improvise!
I had the exact same problems earlier with my Hollow ThermoSonic w/ Delta. I tried a crap load of things when I found one solution. Rubber washers. I put 3 on each screw and screwed the delta on tight. Its so much quieter now that I could actually put up with more noise so I've ordered a nice 80mm Delta Screamer which puts out more than 50 dBs, lovely :)