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Video artifacts caused by heat ?

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Senior Member
Jan 20, 2001
I am getting weird 2D video artifacts on my start button, windows 98 logo going up the right side of the main popup menu and in my min/close/restore buttons in upper right corner. In 3D, I get lockups usually after 20 minutes, there's some shutdown probs as well.

Just got a new HDD last week and a new install of Win98 SE and I still get problems. My MX uses det's 6.47, I have dx7.0a installed. To decrease the speed of the agp bus, I recently lowered my p3700 from 899 to 819mhz. My 3D Prophet II has a blue heatsink with 486 fan attached and a 3" fan blowing at it. Still getting original problems. My enermax ps fan is very noisy and growls downright loud at times, maybe I need a new fan because its drawing too much current trying to turn properly.

I feel though that it could be my MX dying of heat. Either my video is slowly failing from the stresses of o/c'ing, its still too hot and I need ram heatsinks or it doesn't like any of the new drivers. What to do, what to do.

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When I have had video artifacts in the past it has been due to only two things:

1) Drivers that when updated got rid of the artifacts.

2) Bad video memory:

2a) Bad video memory on an old Stealth card that had 2 megs installed at the factory and on which I then installed another 2 megs for a total of 4 megs. When I removed or replaced the replaceable memory the artifacts were gone.

2b) When I added new memory to an old Pentium motherboard with on board video the new memory caused artifacts. This mainboard memory is shared with the onboard video as video memory. When I changed the slots for the memory, good memory was moved to the shared memory slot and then I had no artifacts.
Easiest way to tell if it is heat, pull the side cover off the computer and stick a fan blowing outside air into the case. If the artifacts dissapear, then heat would be a good suspect. Do you have enough wattage in the PSU?