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Video Card Coolers?

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New Member
Jul 25, 2001
Yeah i have a Creative Labs Geforce Pro DDR.
An the other day i removed the rink dinky hsf . But me forget one thing.
How do i put on a new one. So i heard about thermal adhesive but i don't have that.

Actually all i want is a good hsf kit combo whatever for my geforce pro ddr. Cause of right now i got the rinky dinky hanging on their with double side taped Which isn't good.

So if you could recommend sites with video card coolers around $20 or lower. Please inform me. Cause this rinky dink hsf an my double side tape sure isn't gonna last long.

Also while i'm hear anyone recommend a Good CPU HSF for an amd?
Around 20 bucks or lower. Cause the one i have now is just too small.
I have a duron 750 it's oc to 900 right now using the MsiKtpro2-a.
Will it fit this board? Plus i wanna just get a good one so when i upgrade in the future no hassles buying another one.
2CoolTek.com should have a kit for your card. If not, you can always buy just a heatsink. For a decent AMD heatsink, you may want to try the Golden Gate from svcompucycle.com. It's a variation of the Gladiator and should suffice
Exactly how loud is Noise level: 39 dB (A-weighted)?
Thanks for the help i may just get that one. Cause of the heatsink nice.

Okay i got that hsf an just order some artic sliver thermal adhesive. So i just slap a hsf i got a home.

Thanks for the help.