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Video card COOLING question.

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Apr 16, 2001
hey i noticed my vid card was getting a little toasty, so i ordered up a blorb, which i thought was a tad better than the stock heatsink with no fan

so i lapped it, and shot some as2 on and attached it after some handy dremel work to avoid hitting a capacitor

so anyway, after installation everything was fine, except i noticde the area on the back of the card, was gettin pretty hot, almost hot enough to burn me

i was wonderin if i could stick some of the crap thermal tape on it and stick the stock heatsink on the backside of the card to get rid of this evil heat, would the aluminum on the board have any bad affect?
i think it would but i really wanna do away with this heat
i no what u mean my backside of the card is really hot-wither put a slot fan above it of yes put a HS there-maybe he HS would conduct some electricity, but...with a thermal pad or some as2 between then those are both nonconductive and should not carry the power through to other parts and fry it-do it correctly and it shold be ok
Don't use the Artic Silver on the back as it CAN be conductive. It has small traces of conductive material in it. err... silver? Have you tried mounting a fan that will blow accross the back of the card? I have a fan mounted on the side of my case that blows right over my card and it seems to keep the back cool. I'm not sure how effective a HSF mounted to the back of the card would be even if you could keep it from touching any of the zillion contacts. Try a temporary mounting scheme first maybe like you said with the thermal tape. And use just a HS without a fan and see if it gets warm at all.
I cut a piece off of an old heatsink (small enough to fit between the resisters on the back of the core) and used Atric Silver, making sure it didn't touch any metal though. Then I set a small fan to blow down on the card... it's a lot cooler now.