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Video Card, CPU, and Memory upgrade

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Oh wow! Thanks for the trouble! Thanks for everybody's help. I'll let you know.
I want to give a big Thank You to everyone for their help. I also want to give a shout out and a
great big Thank You to batboy. I was able to buy two gently and 1 barely used XFX RX
580 GTS XXX Edition OC+. 4 GB.:) I was just about to purchase a 1660 and a 570 or up, so
getting these cards really helped me out. I couldn't believe it when he sent me a message
saying he had those cards for sale. I'll post how we like them as soon as I can.
No, we had two video cards die in two different pc's in about a week.
Oh, my mistake. Those are Radeon cards, not Nvidia that you bought. I saw the "GTS" which I normally associate with Nvidia.
Update on RTX 580 4 GB cards

After a long time I'm finally posting about the video cards that I bought from batboy. They both work great. Wow looks amazing but now the game freezes really bad. I quit playing right after I installed the card so I never got back here. I went back to the game about a month ago. I found out when I turned off most of my add-ons that the game didn't freeze much at all.
I'm hoping to build a new pc. If not I may have to upgrade my old one.
Yikes.. id rather the 1660 honestly...especially with the multi gpu issues that can rear its head. You want/needed something more plug and play. You should be able to play with add ons... a lot of the time 2 cards just adds more trouble than it's worth. Especially for users nkt used to or averse to tweaking 5hings. :)
I bought two cards. One for each computer. I had two die with in a week of each other.
I just picked up two 1660 Supers for $240 ea from EVGA. Hard to beat that, if you ask me.

<edit> nm, they're sold out of basically everything.
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Will do. I'm ready to build 2 new pc's now. Especially mine. Just need to budget the money.