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Video Card getting too much moisture under heatsink

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I have a powercolor geforce 2mx video card.
After about 3 months it started stuffing up so I sent it away and it still stuffs up. But it only stuffs up on some days and not others so I took the heatsink off and there was a fair amount of moisture under the heatsink. I think it might be affecting it somehow as if I dry it up it or leave it for a few days it will work again. I'm not using a peltier or anything, my system is air cooled and nothing else has ever been affected. Something seems to attract moisture or something to the mx.
So what I want to know if anyone has any ideas to stop this happening (not by getting a new video card either :p )
I never heard of nothing like that with an air-cooled

Only thing I can think of is that you need to get a
good dehumidifier.......
This is a new one, AFAIK. And it ain't good, either!! This could destroy your entire system. Personally, I'd remove this Vidcard from my box. If a TNT will have to do the trick temporarily, I'd live with it. Grumbling all the way, of course.

Do you live in an especially humid part of the world? Or in the Tropics? Perhaps a Card Cooler or Card Cooler XT would blast the Vidcard so hard that it wouldn't have time to condense any moisture on or near the GPU. Or a fan on top of the HS.

Seriously, this Vidcard in its condensation-happy configuration is an unnaceptable danger to your entire system. One drop of water can fry your mainboard and everything on it-pfft. Just like that.
Run your airconditioner if you have one, just enough to remove the water from the air in your house. Depending on were you live, you would be amazed at how much it will remove. I live in North Carolina in the USA, and the water I get from my airconditioner fills up a 5 gallon bucket twice a day in the summer! I have a sump pump in the bucket, and when it gets near full, it waters the garden for me! hehe.
Thats an ingenious idea AKDUDE I might have to try that with my mothers flowers someday... hehe :):)