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video card or motherboard?

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New Member
Jun 26, 2001
i loving gaming and want better graphics. i have a gateway (kadoka mb so i haven't been able to find anything on o/c'ing it) athlon 750, 384 ram, gf256. would i be better off upgrading to a gf2 or getting a new mb. a was looking at a a7v266 & 1.2 tbird. thanks for the thoughts, i'm not sure which would give the largest gains. i play with my graphics on low so it all moves smooth. i bench 2070 on 3dmark2001. gf cards at 137/333. thanks
When I went from celeron to P3 my 3dmarks and overall video performance gain was off the charts.

And with a better Motherboard and CPU you can always upgrade your video later on (when the geforce3 drops some in price).
I definately agree. A CPU an Motherboard will give you more appreciable results. There is nothing wrong with a GeForce 256, especially a DDR one if that's what you have. These cards still perform like a GF2 MX. Wait until the next gen cards come out and the GF3 drops in price, then see what you want as far as video goes.

If you think about it, for the cost of a GeForce 3, which is what you would need to see a real difference in performance and features (Radeon VIVO aside) that you can use you can easily buy a good up to date motherboard, some RAM and an Athlon and O/C it.

I dunno..

I had a GF 32mb DDR

tossed in a 64mb radeon DDR, that I got for 180...
and my 2k1 jumped 700 points..
Well I think you'd be better off upgrading your board and cpu as well. then once you get everything running as fast and stable as you like. Then go ahead and upgrade the video card.
thanks for the replies. they helped me firm up my desicion. mb and proc it is. plus it will be funner to oc those too!