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Video Card Recommendation

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Senior Member
Apr 21, 2001
Can anyone recommend a good card for under $100? I'll mainly use it for not-so-demanding games, although I may in the future
I think the radeon 32b ddr would suit you it can handle pretty much any gae fairly well, and if your not using it so much for gaming it has good dvd playback ect. Last i check was about a month ago and they ran 80$ so im guessing around 70-75$. They dont overclock to badly either, i got mine 191/191 with about 8$ of budget mods. I plan to buy another eventually even with the release of the GF3 as i feel the radeon is a very decent card for its price.

Dont know uch about the Kyro or Geforce line of cards but im pretty sure the radeon is a good overall choice if your not into games hardcore, and dont need 150+FPS.

Just MHO.
I second the Radeon 32ddr, I love mine. The colors are bright and rich, the DVD playback is the best I've seen and it'll handle any game you throw at it. I'm considering upgrading to a 64ddr or a AIW 64ddr.
I can't wait to see what the Radeon II will have to offer.
I have nothing but good things to say about my geforce2, everything is compatable and I get great benchmarks. Also, it's about the same price as the radeon, only downfall is the lack of DDR memory, but I doubt that will ever become an issue for you -- I would imagine compatability with everything would be a fair trade-off.
go with the radeon 32 ddr. its an excellent card. cheap, and as said the dvd playback is great.
krakerman (Jun 07, 2001 03:03 p.m.):
go with the radeon 32 ddr. its an excellent card. cheap, and as said the dvd playback is great.

Exactly, and as he didnt need a card for hardcore gaming i assumed he'd be doing some dvd wathing or other things that involve eye candy. It he needed gaming i MIGHT lean towards the GTS but as the radeon will do excellent in games i see no major flaws for its price.