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Video Card

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el nica

Dec 24, 2000
I have a Pentium II 333 Compact that a friend of mine wants to buy from me and he wants to be able to run UNREAL TOURNAMENT on this machine. I have tried using my G-Force 256 or TnT2 but I have notice that in beginning or in the middle of each game, sometimes the picture will stutter. What would be the best video card for this machine on the budget side?

By the way I also notice the hard disk is getting a lot of activity while the game is being played. I have enable dma without any help.

Thanks in advance for your advise.
well my compaq 350mhz played unreal well but if you add more ram at least 128mb total it will load faster and wont use the hd so much,but in software mode it will use the hd alot for the swap file,I would probably go with some kind of pci voodoo card for the price and with at least 8mb of video ram,that will stop so much hard drive use and speed loading,,,,,,,WILDONE
Well, there's not much he can do about this. If he will be getting an old Pentium II, then chances are he's getting an old 440 chipset of some sort, so the AGP is limited to 2x, anyway. At this point of the computer spectrum, it's the processor that limits the framerates and performance of the machine, not as much the video card. Sure, you could get better performance out of a $400 GeForce3, but not enough to justify the extra $300 purchase over a GeForce2 MX. Also, if the machine is on a good board, at least you could OC that pentium and squeeze a little more performance out of it - at 333, it's still sitting on its 66MHz front side bus, and that's a pretty poor bottleneck in itself.
Thanks for the advised guys.....I was thinking of getting me a voodoo 4 but when i had a voodoo 3 2000, I did not like how dark the game look.....are there any differences in video quality from v3 than v4?


EL nica
Well, thanks everybody for the advise...The gentleman that mention about the pc beins low on memory hit it right on the spot.....Computer is running now nice and smooth with 128meg of ram instead of 64meg..

Thanks Again!