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Video Cards FAN, was your reliable?

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Feb 17, 2001
Ontario, Canada
I have a Geforce 2 MX, I bought this thing off Ebay and it was new, had a FAN and heatsink. The FAN was small and in less than 3 days, started to make noise, I had to replace it, the heatsink was a very thin piece.

My question is from all the video cards any of you bought, did you FAN started getting bad? And does the Geforce 2 MX really needs a FAN? can it survive with only a heatsink, considering it is never overclocked beyond its 175/166 spec?
I'm thinking of putting like a old P166's heatsink on it.

And then offcourse a Slot cooler, the ones that you put on a PCI slot right next to the AGP card. and suck all heat from the card.

Any thought on this?
My MX's fan has been spinning reliably since November.... what brand of card is yours? mine's a PowerColor. I am pretty sure putting a socket 7 cooler on it would work - there's no doubt in my mind that it's been done by someone (just not me). One piece of sage advice that I will offer you - most GeForces, including some DDR cards, are severely memory bandwidth limited. You're going to see a lot more improvement by heatsinking and overclocking the memory. If you can hit 200 MHz on the memory clock, I'd say that would be pretty good. GPU overclocking sees only minor results if it's not paired with overclocking the memory bus.

I bought my Hercules MX card last September, I think, but it did not have a fan, just a heatsink. Most 40mm fans including the old 486 CPU fans, will work on this style heatsink (just need the right size screws). Pesonally, I like my Blue Orb that I'm running now. Sickboy is right, these MX video cards really come alive with a little overclocking of both core and memory. To do that, you really need a good cooler.