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Video Editing Box (help please)

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Dec 18, 2001
Ok, I have been reading around here for a bit about AMD and Intel Dual setups and it is time order some stuff:)

Which in your opinion whould offer the faster rendering time? (yes the program is dual capable:))

System 1 - Dual 2.4 Ghz Xeon, RD800 1MB

System 2 - Dual XP 2400 with 1 MB 2100 ddr (can u use 2400's in mult. proc.? if not then a 2100)

edit - ok just saw the other post about unlocking the XP2200's

No overclocking:(
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yeah I wouldn't Overclocker eithor.....dualies made for stability not for OCing(that just me though. I don't want a 10 hour render to all of a sudden freeze)....I would say in most cases the tbreds will be faster but if the program taht you use uses SSE2 instructions then the Xeons will be faster.....


EDIT: then also realize the Xeons are gonna cost you a LOT more than the MPs....I think for the public MPs are great....they somtimes faster tahn Xeons, in this case I think so, and they are a LOT cheaper....I say go for MP but lets hear some other people...
I think Xeons are more professional (ie expensive) and have higher cache, hyperthreading and other optimisations. The higher memory bandwidth may also make a difference.

But an AMD SMP solution will be a lot cheaper: the system in my sig cost under £600UK, excluding case and CDRW.

all depends what you want to do with the system....
since your rendering, if the program you use supports SSE2 then go for the p4's, they will probably be faster even without it due to the larger cache and memory bandwidth.
But you will be paying a fair bit more for the privelege ;)

seti also runs extremely fast on hyperthreaded duallies, they really crank out the WU's :burn:
I would check with others using the same software that you will use on the dual box. Find out what works for them. Call the vendor of the capture card (or whatever specific hardware you will use) and get their advice. Also call the company selling the software and ask what specific platform (chipset) they recommend. You can save days of frustration and make progress much easier with the right information. I have been using dual MP1800s on the Tyan MP2460 to record 16 channels of 24bit 96kHz audio for close to a year now. It works great now but going through W2K to WXP and driver revisions for EchoAudio hardware and new software virsions of Sonar and Cool Edit Pro caused many delays. It works so well now i am considering another system like it for backup and faster processing. There were times in the process of getting it to work when i thought that it would never fly. Only after getting the right information was i able to get it working great. My advice is to do the research.
what everyone else has said is true, if ur gunna do video editing, and the program ur using is SMP aware, and uses SSE2 (Pentium 4 code) I would definately say that the xeons will be faster.
However, for the price/performance the dual athlons will be cheaper. MUCH CHEAPER.

I Guess it all depends on how deep your pockets run.
Find out if the program supports SSE2, if so, then consider a dual Xeon, if not, don't even bother, get a dual AMD system and save yourself $1000.
Thanks guys!!! I am out till mon.. I am going to think about it over the weekend but looks like I am going to gowith XP 2200's.

Thanks Again and Keep the info coming:)
cmcquistion said:
Find out if the program supports SSE2, if so, then consider a dual Xeon, if not, don't even bother, get a dual AMD system and save yourself $1000.

Not really the 2400+ and a 2ghz Prestonia are about the same price. The Iwill Xeon MB is $600 and the K7D is $200. Thats $400 difference.

If money really is no options go for the XEON. The AMD is just not as fast and thats all there is too it. Oh and with Hyperthreading you could do, oh say 20+ WUs a day. I think TC said he was doing 30+ with his Prestonia's.
The Xeon pricetag is seemingly a lot higher than for Athlon MP´s, but if you look around you might find them pretty cheap. Ebay is a good source for Xeon stuff. You could get a pair of retail boxed Xeon 2.2 or 2.4 for about $450, and a motherboard for $250-350.

Xeons are much more stable than dual Athlons. If you go AMD be sure to buy good ECC/REGISTERED ram.
Henry Rollins II said:
Xeons are much more stable than dual Athlons.

You shouldn't purport myths like that.... we have several dual Prestonia systems at my employer and they're no more stable than my dual Duron system at home... if anything, less....I have to reboot those dang boxes at work about once every two weeks. My dual rig at home right now has been running well over a month 24/7, overclocked, and folding. :D
Nevertheless AMD systems seems to be a lot more sensitive to hardware around it than Intel systems. My dual Xeon is about the same in stability terms as my dual AMD, after making a zillion changes in the AMD system. Good memory IS important.